Greek Lizard Camouflage Effectiveness

Published on Sep 7, 2015 by Brent0331

In this video we look at the effectiveness of the Greek / Hellenic lizard Camouflage pattern, in a heavily vegetated woodland environment during the summer time in north Texas. This video will consist of numerous scenes where each will begin with a concealed stationary position (both with & without the use of vegetation), followed by a movement phase out of the initial position. The purpose of the video is to give the viewer a chance to see the individual camouflage pattern and how it looks and blends into this environment. There will be varying degrees of how much of the uniform will be exposed to the viewer, some scenes will only expose little more than perhaps my head, while other scenes will have virtually no vegetation covering.

Some references about the pattern can be found at:…

One thought on “Greek Lizard Camouflage Effectiveness

  1. what would really be cool is if they could come up with a fabric that would cloak and change with the surrounding environment , kinda like the lizard with the capability

    chameleon camo

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