Greeks Killed The Troika. Plus Serial Money Printing Exposed.

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Catherine Austin Fitts said 2015 will be a violent and volatile year. She is cautiously optimistic about 2015 compared to others except that she does see the potential for war. She sees severe problems after 2015.

I disagree. I see far more violence in the Central Banks and in the markets than I do on the flashpoints of the Ukraine and the ever expanding Israeli border. The Eurogroup chief whispered to Greek FinMin’s ear “You just killed the Troika” and then Varoufakis replied with a simple “WOW!”  

Syriza party officials have since said they also want to drop out of NATO and  to cut ties with Israel. The Greeks have stood up to the Banks, NATO and Israel who collectively are the chief oppressors of mankind in the modern world. The Greeks will need our support.

To me killing the Troika is Good News. I have always called the European Union Rothschild land. I have said the following several times:

The Fundamental Fact of Your Existence as a modern man or woman is that the bankers of New York and London want to reduce you to Debt Slavery.

Accept that fact and move on to the solution.

That is their plan for you.

What is your plan for them?

Greece has struck a blow against debt slavery. We must admire their courage.

The Troika are Greece’s official creditors consisting of the European Union, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank ECB.)

The Dollar is the chief weapon used to exploit mankind both inside and outside the US.  The Nixon announced the closing of the Gold Window on Sunday August 15, 1971. The 44th anniversary of that announcement will be on a Saturday this year. It will be interesting to see where the gold price is on Monday August 17th of this year.

The dollar is temporarily up during the first month of this year. There are reasons for that and many reasons why it will not last. The Swiss killed the euro overnight when they refused to subsidize the euro with their peg. The peg required the Swiss to buy euros they did not need. The Danes are talking of killing their euro peg. The euro had gained against the yen after the Japanese said their 2 – 2 – 2 plan was not inflationary enough. That original plan was to double the money supply in 2 years and hope for a 2% rise in prices. Not enough inflation. The Bankers think we need more.

The Japanese had been doing a lot of Money Printing (Quantitative Easing) for 20 years to no avail. Ben Bernanke decided to copy a program that never worked and had never even been intended to work. He bought $1.6 trillion in Mortgage Backed Securities. He said he wanted to add liquidity. No. Bernanke bought fraudulent Notes to keep Bankers out of jail. It is technically illegal to knowingly sell worthless securities. But those were days long past. Now we are told that Banks are Too Big To Jail.

Quantitative Easing ended temporarily in America but the Japanese Central Bank took over and did Money Printing for the US but with a vengeance. Money Men flocked to Japan for cheap loans. And now Mario Draghi of the ECB has announced a  1.14-trillion-euro ($1.27-trillion) bond-buying program. Societe General (called Soc Gen by bloggers) said Draghi would really need to print 3 trillion euros over the next 18 months.

The US will be forced to become the next nation to go back to more Money Printing. The US has been publishing fake numbers on the GDP, inflation and unemployment. Obamacare has made the GDP look better. But retail sales are down and inventories are way up. Stock prices are down. The US has over 3,100 counties and only 60 have added high paying jobs since 2009. Those were all in oil and natural gas producing areas. Those sectors are crashing due to lack of demand. The Federal Reserve has a commitment to keep the stock market from declining anywhere near 10%. The FED also has to keep Treasury Bond rates low. The euro cannot be allowed to continue to sink against the dollar. The Governor of the Bank of Japan was at Davos and said everyone was too pessimistic. He promised another round of Money Printing as soon as he got back home. He does not want the euro to decline any further against the yen. He has to protect Japanese auto and electronics sales to Europe.

Does all of this Serial Money Printing make your head spin? Just wait until Janet Yellen fires up the Printing Presses and the rest of the world votes against the dollar.

Kyle Bass once talked to a US Senator he otherwise admired on liberal social issues whose response to the America’s fiscal and monetary plight was ‘Tell me what the ten year US Treasury interest rate is.’ The Senator did not care about any long term consequences as long as the US could sell Treasury Bonds cheaply.

There is a program the Federal Reserve uses to keep Treasury bond rates low. It is interest rate Credit Default Swaps amounting to over $225 trillion. Those financial bets force interest rates lower. Morgan Stanley added $9 trillion in 3 months a year ago. More recently Citibank did the same. Apparently, the banks are participating in Serial CDS just as Central Banks have been doing with Money Printing.

But this will all end badly as soon as markets figure it out and drop the dollar at the first sign Janet Yellen is sending her Printing Presses into Hyperdrive.

The European Central Bank has threatened Greece with a February 28th deadline to either knuckle under or to go it alone without liquidity injections from them.

Half of Greece’s debt was created through fraud between former Greek President Papandreou and Goldman Sachs. The goal of the fraud was to conceal Greece’s debt through currency swaps, but the plan actually doubled Greece’s debt (and made a fortune for Goldman Sachs). Even more debt was added by NATO countries forcing Greece to buy expensive weapons systems they could not afford. The Greek debt should not be repaid.

The French government and the Obama administration have volunteered to help the Greeks negotiate with the ECB over their debts. The Federal Reserve could even intervene to save the Greeks by Printing Money and injecting liquidity into their banks.

The French want to save their banks including BNP Paribas which is owned by the Rothschilds from a Greek default. Obama wants to save Goldman Sachs, stop trillions of dollars in Greek debt CDS from being triggered and to keep the Greeks in NATO.

I think the Greeks would be better off dropping out of NATO and walking away from their debt. They should issue their own debt free, non-interest bearing currency, the drachma. They have lots of weapons systems they do not need. They might be able to sell 100 F-16s, 42 Mirage Jets, 34 F4 Phantom IIs and a lot of JDAMs and bunker busters from their inventory of unneeded weapons. I would trade them for oil and collect revenue from its sales to the refineries. They would have to concentrate job losses to the Air Force to keep the Army from staging a coup.

2015 will continue its frenetic rush to Total Meltdown. 13 countries cut interest rates in the first ten days of 2015. The Mexican and Brazilian currencies are crashing. There are $9 trillion in dollar denominated loans in the Emerging Market nations. The rising dollar has forced these borrowers to buy dollars and to get out of debt. Buying dollars forces the dollar higher. That hurts the US corporations trying to sell in Japan and Europe where the currencies are dropping. It also hurts the Emerging Markets. The Baltic Dry Index which measures large scale shipping is already at an all time low.

It might take a few months but the Federal Reserve will be headed into another round of Money Printing. That will push gold and silver higher.

The Greeks are leading the way in the revolt against our Banker Occupied World Government. They need to seek help from Russia and China. If the Greeks can successfully repudiate their debts, they  will soon be followed by Spain, Portugal and Italy. France and half the world will follow. The European Union, the ECB and NATO will die. US bully boy tactics will also hopefully die with the dollar.

Germany’s Angela Merkel said at Davos she is open to forming a trade area with Russia and China. If the south of Europe drops out of the European Union, then the Germans, the Austrians and the Dutch might as well form a trade union with Russia, China and the BRICS alliance. They could use gold Letters of Credit to facilitate trade.

Another option is that China could join the IMF SDR basket of currencies on September 15th of this year by opening their gold vaults to public inspection. In any event the dollar will be devalued soon enough and that will be the beginning of Hyperinflation. Of course this might not go Really Big until 2016. And it could be completely avoided if we organized a worldwide Debt Cancellation.

Finally, I should address the war situation in both the Ukraine and in the Mideast. I could write more but I do not see either the Ukraine or the Israeli-Hezbollah situation escalating into full scale war anytime soon.

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