Gun Confiscation in time for Christmas. Yukon Cornelius stripped of his trusty revolver

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In another example of liberal political correctness run amok and the desire to rewrite history, beloved claymation character Yukon Cornelius has had his nickel plated six shooter confiscated by toy companies.

As you can see in the picture below, Yukon Cornelius was a man who looked after his own well being while out in the harsh wilderness.  He dressed warmly for his environment, had his wool cap and ear muffs, warm weather jacket and pants and some sturdy boots.  He was also well provisioned carrying with him a backpack for supplies, a canteen, a knife, a hammer AND A GUN.  


Yet while the reasoning for a prospector who spends his life in the wilderness having a gun is pretty solid, today’s “intellectuals” with their soft constitutions and desire to only portray guns in a negative light have stripped Yukon Cornelius of his revolver in their attempt to socially engineer another generation like them.  People who have an irrational and unfounded bed wetting fear of firearms.

Here are the toys of Yukon Cornelius today.  See if you notice what is missing:




The last one isn’t even a child’s toy but more of a collectors figure from Pop.  The toy companies that have created these abominations have replaced Yukon Cornelius’ six shooter for a pick ax.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the toy makers decided to step it up another level and change his occupation from gold mining prospector to Green Peace Environmentalist who battles against mining.

And this wasn’t like some small oversight by the original creators, that gun played a prominent role in the story and Yukon Cornelius even said as much when meeting his new friends:

 Oh, well, now I’m off to get my life-sustaining supplies: cornmeal and gun powder and hamhocks and guitar strings. I’ll give you a lift. Hop aboard, mateys. 

This may seem like a small issue on the whole scale of 2nd Amendment issues and it is…THAT’s the danger.  If we allow the gun hating powers that be to subtly change the culture to where guns are NEVER used or owned by good guys it will only reinforce the fallacy that the liberal press and those who look to prosper on tragdies promote.  Namely, only bad guys and the government have guns.  I doubt they even note the ironic redundancy of that but there it is.

Gun confiscation has all ready happened in this country and it has been going on for years.  The gun confiscation of the mind, teaching children that only bad people have guns is akin to stripping them of their rights before they are even aware of having them.

Since we are on the subject of  the 1964 claymation classic “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”, let’s look at a few more reasons this movie would never be allowed to be made today.

Of course, we have all ready discussed about the properly armed, entreprenuerial capitalist prospector.  Liberals can’t have ANY of that be a hero for children.

But what about Rudolph himself?


Picked on for being different, with that nose so bright of his.  Did he go on a rampage and start goring other reindeer to death while they played their reindeer games?  Did he burn the eyes of the other reindeer and set them aflame with his unregistered assault nose?

No.  Santa didn’t come to his rescue and force the other reindeer to include him or to accept him for if he had, Rudolph’s acceptance would only be paper thin and nothing would have changed other than the thin veil of false niceties.  In a way, a fate worse than the open hostility.

But Rudolph didn’t need Santa to intervene and he didn’t go on a murder spree.

He found his own way, made friends of his own and in doing so found his own self worth.  He didn’t need the authority to help him.  He did it all on his own.

Self reliance and doing things without “the authority”?  Liberals can’t tolerate any of THAT either, how would they explain mandatory government-run healthcare if they did?

And what about good ole Hermey the Elf?


A union worker who wanted to break away and become a doctor?  In the movie all the other union workers try their best to keep Hermey down and stay with the union.  Today that part would probably be allowed to remain, but Hermey’s eventual success as a Doctor of Dental Science would be changed and instead we would find him being destitute, lying in a ditch, dying somewhere.  After all, liberals can’t have their voting base think that they can succeed and prosper by leaving a union.

Lot’s of things have changed since 1964 and not all of them good.

Thinking back on this movie I am reminded that the confiscation of our rights begins long before a bill is introduced or a judge makes a ruling.  It begins by those who paint the narrative that rights are bad, government is good and we can’t take care of ourselves without “the authority” hold our hand.

It is only when we are older that we realize (if we aren’t so brainwashed by the social engineering) that the hand holding was really the government cuffing us and limiting our liberty.

I personally will never buy a Yukon Cornelius toy for any of my nieces and nephews unless his gun is returned to him.  I will not contribute to the brainwashing of America that will see it’s freedoms portrayed as something of a negative.

Even if it takes the form of a Canadian prospector :)

4 thoughts on “Gun Confiscation in time for Christmas. Yukon Cornelius stripped of his trusty revolver

  1. Yukon was always my favorite in this cartoon.
    Someone should make a Claymation of him telling the government to kiss his ass and refuse to turn in his revolver.

  2. Yeah so easy to take a toy away from a toy , try and do this to a real live American patriot and see if you don’t have your hands full
    This symbolic bullshit is just that , bullshit
    But hey if it makes some Lilly livered hopolophobes feel like they have accomplished something , they are only fooling themselves

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