Gun control proposals: New Biden agenda

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A 2018 report found people in the United States own about 393 million guns. Gun purchases spike whenever gun rights advocates feel threatened — either by challenges to the Second Amendment or by societal upheaval. The COVID-19 pandemic, for example, provoked the largest spike of gun sales in U.S. history. Get ready for another run on guns.

Rep. Jim McGovern, chairman of the House Rules Committee and a Massachusetts Democrat, said, “We now have a Democratic Senate and a Democratic president, and I hope we can finally make these reforms a reality.”

This week, the House takes up two gun control bills that seek to tighten background checks on gun purchases. HR 1446 would expand the waiting period from three to 10 days and would close what gun control advocates call “the Charleston loophole.” It’s named for the depraved act of mass murderer Dylann Roof, who was able to purchase a handgun after three business days because an FBI background check that would have disqualified him was not yet completed. Many Republicans object to the bill, fearing it’s a de facto ban on purchases.

The second bill, HR 8, would require background checks for any firearm transaction, even the temporary loaning of a gun to a friend on an afternoon hunting trip. The bill offers exceptions to intrafamily transactions, but many Republicans fear the criminalization of innocent fun.

Rep. Jim Jordan, an Ohio Republican, said, “It applies whether the transfer is permanent, or if you’re just loaning your buddy a rifle, or his hunting trip. HR-8 would turn otherwise law-abiding citizens into criminals simply because they transferred possession of illegal products that each of them are legally allowed to possess.”

Democrats believe modest reforms are due in a country awash in guns and gun violence.

“More than 230 people every day are shot and wounded . The U.S. gun homicide rate is 25 times than that of other high income countries,” said Rep. Jamie Raskin, a Maryland Democrat.

Numerous surveys have found roughly 9 in 10 people support some form of background checks. The National Rifle Association disputes those numbers, citing a background check ballot initiative in Washington state that was approved by 59% of voters and another in Maine, which was rejected by 52% of voters.

The bills will certainly pass in the House, as HR-8 did it over a year ago, and they face better chances in the Senate with Democrats in control. But their fate will hinge on how centrist Republicans like Susan Collins of Maine and centrist Democrats like Joe Manchin of West Virginia vote.

17 thoughts on “Gun control proposals: New Biden agenda

  1. this would only apply to U.S. Citizens or citizen of the U.S., so the question is are you or anyone you know is an employee of the U.S. like a police man or fireman etc. secretary of STATE or a member of a legislative body politic

    1. No, it would not.
      If this was a constitutional republic, those who work in the fiduciary would retain their 2nd Article right as no authority can exist to remove it from any American national.
      When it says, “shall not be infringed” period, that is what it means. That is the law, and because of the 9th Article it can never be changed.
      These communists pretending to have the authority to seize the jurisdictional authority of we the people will all be hung and left on public display. They are simple criminals, guilty of treason and sedition against the supreme law ratified in 1791.
      Enforce that law and all these side arguments, like ‘only law abiding citizens obey the law so that is why we can’t have gun control’, this horseshit, hell this elephant shit and every side argument attached to it, would disappear with the removal of the unlawful United States Corporation and the unlawful 14th Amendment and be buried in the ground with the low life communists who thought they could subvert the supreme ratified law of December 15, 1791 and baffle the people with bullshit arguments when we have the ratified law, written in matter of fact that does not allow for side arguments.
      Enforce the Bill of Rights.
      Enforce the Bill of Rights.
      Enforce the Bill of Rights.
      Enforce the Bill of Rights.

  2. called “the Charleston loophole.” It’s named for the depraved act of mass murderer Dylann Roof,“

    Right the racist church shooting, where they reopened the church for Masses that Sunday following a supposed mass murder shooting..





    Ruby ridge


    Sandy hoax

    Boston bombing

    And a whole host of other Globalist staged events.

    We have not handed them their hats and shovel to dig their graves, after every event, 9-11 was the NWO getting pregnant

    Covid 19 is the NWO giving birth…

    I say often that Birth can result in the death of the mother…!

    I suggest they feel emboldened by the facts that we the people have yet to rise up against their naked actions and tyranny

    The sheer numbers of guns and ammo acquisitions let alone those unknown, must strike fear into these plotters

    Yet they continue forward even in the face of their ultimate, certain destruction…!


    1. “Yet they continue forward even in the face of their ultimate, certain destruction…!”

      Yep, just like Napoleon marching into Russia. Maniacs cannot stop themselves.
      But we aren’t going to put these pr-ks on an island, they are going in the ground.

    2. That was the quickest mass murder clean-up, investigation and pres visit ever for sure. Ridiculous B.S.

    3. Jesus Norm, this is brilliant and profound: “Covid 19 is the NWO giving birth…” Then right after reading it I come across a picture of a toddler on CNN with the headline: “Meet Gen C.” They’re actually pinning that label on the young ones, GENERATION COVID!! Guess they want us to never forget the tyranny they dished and how they can do it again and keep doing it, until we all stop it!! Here’s the link:


      1. PS: We’ll let ’em keep their ‘GEN C’ tag-line, but it doesn’t stand for GENERATION COVID; it stands for GENERATION COURAGE, who, if we do our job right, will be going after the bast*rds with full force.


  3. Gun control: I have not had a gun since I commanded a 155 howitzer mounted on a M 109 carriage, the only thing I had to wait for before I could sign for it was the rank and that was more than ten days, what a fine gun that was, to bad I had to leave it behind

    1. You don’t have a gun? I have to wonder why. Are you going to talk them to death? I can see this slipshod shit for what it is. You are done here.

      1. Was not talking about a rifle or pistol or revolver, I was addressing a GUN and the definition of what a gun is and that starts at the type like six inch gun, eight inch gun, and so forth, pay attention the wording will always make the difference

        1. Well you know what? You still didn’t say whether or not you have a gun. And you sure as f-k aren’t going to lecture me on grammar and your next comment sealed the deal.

  4. the only thing standing in between WE THE PEOPLE and government tyranny is the surveillance/police state! and the sheeple seem to think it ok for government to know who has what gun and where! it will then be a matter of time before gov. comes to your house to demand inspection and to take what ever they think you shouldn’t have!
    just remember, if you have ever filed out paperwork for a gun, your on the “LIST”!

    1. I’m only going to answer one of your talking out of the side of your mouth attempts to scare we the people.
      I’ll tell you who’s got a gun, buddy. Every f-king body.
      And I’ll tell you who’s on the ‘list’. Everybody.
      Come to our houses and take our guns, huh? But you don’t have one, do you, because you are a f-king shill.
      We outnumber these assholes a thousand to one, so they need to get to gettin’ to our houses to take our guns so we can wipe their f-king ass off this planet. You and yours are never going to control us. You aren’t the first pack of assholes who were ‘coming to take the guns from the people’. Same thing will happen to these grossly outnumbered pr-ks as happened to the last pr-ks who thought they could. And once those guns start going off, their f-king lists won’t mean shit because we are not going to bury our guns, we are going to bury the f-king criminals who think they can violate the 2nd Article of our Bill of Rights.
      Got it?

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