Gun Control – then Tyranny, Camps, Police State, Death

Published on Dec 23, 2012 by gvloanguy

Gun Control. Here’s some facts and figures on what happens AFTER GUN CONTROL. Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Despotic leaders first use Gun Control to disarm the citizens. Then they can carry out their wicked deeds without resistance. Speak up for your 2nd Amendment Gun Rights.

des·pot (dspt)
1. A ruler with absolute power.
2. A person who wields power oppressively; a tyrant.

7 thoughts on “Gun Control – then Tyranny, Camps, Police State, Death

  1. It will cost an awful lot of money and lives to disarm America by force, and if successful would go down as the greatest military victory (and tragedy) in all of history.

    Actual good ideas are nearly impossible to kill.

  2. Michael Weiner neglects to mention that his tribe were the key force in all of these historical incidents he lists.

    (I especially like how the “6 million” figure of WWII becomes 30 million)

    1. No, you don’t get it. The Zionists simply have every one of their agents running our mainstream broadcasts, to say 30 million Jews killed in WWII. Now when someone, even a good Christian Zionist, says, “No, that was 6 million wasn’t it?”, the accusation will be “anti-Semitic terrorist.”

  3. If you follow the twisted logic of anti-gun nuts.
    Then to stop rapes & pedophiles will be to castrate all men!
    Men with no penis can’t commit rape & pedophilia!
    Start the penis removal with all the anti-gun loonies first!

  4. I love how these limp noodles pushing gun control like to say the founding fathers were talking about muskets and fuse lit cannons. Bollocks! They established a timelessly worded amendment that calls for the arms of the current day used for militia armament! Whatever the worlds militias are using, the US militias would be equipped with equal to or better than that.

  5. Some months ago four teenagers broke into my gun locker and stole 10 of my firearms. With some good clues left at the crime scene the police were able to apprehend the perpetrators and recover 9 of the ten firearms.

    My firearms were stolen by teenagers and recovered only to be stolen by the police as they refused to release my firearms! Little did they know who they were dealing with and the connections I have in federal, state and local governments. Once I put the full court press on the police department they called me and requested that I come and retrieve my firearms as soon as possible.

    The police officer who was conducting the return of my firearms said to me, “Your firearms are far better then anything we have.”

    My response, “You may want to keep that in mind.” I have no doubt that they will indeed keep my arsenal in mind when the gun roundup begins. Why do I have this strange “Red Dot” jumping all around my chest?!

    The above police confiscation of my firearms was illegal, but they had the power to retain the guns or at least they thought they did until they got reamed real good…

    What about the poor soul who has nobody to stand in his corner? I’ll tell what will happen. It will take him six months to a year to recover his legally owned weapons if he ever recovers them!

    Good day

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