Hanging Judges

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Governments have always been corrupt, man has always been inherently evil, times are much different now, we sit at the precipice. What went wrong? Many of us blame the Marxists that have gained a foot hold in our republic, some blame the women’s movement. Is it really that simple? While others blame the lack of religion and faith, is it really that simple.

How did we get to the place we now reside? How did America Fail? I happen to believe we failed America, yes I am well aware the anarchist’s think differently. The cauldron has been boiling for some time, how did we get here? Does anyone really have the answer?  

Perhaps there is no answer….. Perhaps the matter is rather simple, with no need for philosophical pondering……. Maybe it’s just time for the spinning rock to shake off a few fleas, we must consider the notion and facts, it would not be the first time.

Perhaps the answer is very simple, all nations fail at some point and time, regardless of the initial solid framework. A societal collapse is bad enough, now take it global. Technology has allowed us to expand and to grow, now it’s time to go back to the basics…… There is no choice in the matter now. Tribe, Tribe, Tribe.

How much longer can they keep adding baling wire to fix what is wrong? How much more duct tape will it take to keep the seams from ripping apart? The answers to these last two questions are the most important, yet no one has the answer. It really was not that long ago that ammo was plentiful and cheap. What a concept.

What about food, another great concept…. plentiful and cheap. What will you do if and when this concept changes? There still is time… for the basics. But you already know this, yes?

I can honestly state…….. I am looking forward to the upcoming reindeer games. I am stockpiling more Heirloom Garden Seed, as my inventory comes in… a small percentage goes directly into the freezer. There are no guarantees, and no one ever promised you a rose garden……. But I would prefer to go down swinging.

Bad men will continue to do bad things, they control the government, even on the local levels, at some point and time their crimes will have to be accounted for. They sleep well at night knowing full well the extent of their crimes against humanity, the trust they have broken, the oaths they have dishonored.

Bad men are now preparing for open war against the very same people they were entrusted to protect, stockpiling weapons and ammunition to be used against the people. Folks this is not a new story in Amerika.



Trials, juries, judges? Yes there will be judges……. Hanging Judges. I for one am tired of my own government spying on me, my words written, my phone conversations, my e-mail. Bad men will have to one day pay for their crimes.





2 thoughts on “Hanging Judges

  1. It may not be a new story in America, but like those before it, I hope this attempt fails too. America is not the America we knew as kids in the 50-60’s. Even the foreigners are laughing at us.

  2. When I saw the headline I was hoping to read about a bunch of judges hanging from a tree somewhere, but this article addresses a problem rather than a party.

    I have to disagree with the author’s statement that “man is inherently evil”. He goes on to say that “some blame the Marxists….and some blame the women’s movement”, and I don’t think he notices that he’s outlining the Zionists’ subversive attack on our nation.

    Marxism and the women’s movement have done a lot of damage to our society, and both are Zionist creations, and the belief that people are inherently evil is right out of Judaism.

    I’ll agree that governments have always been corrupt, because governments are always comprised of people who seek the power to rule over others, which is a mildly sadistic character trait, but people, I believe, are inherently good. They seem inherently evil because they’re inherently weak, and without a conscious effort on the part of their parents to build a strong character in their children, they’re easily influenced by evil people and temptations, but everyone feels their own reward for acts of goodness, that reinforce good behavior.

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