30 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Henry!!!

  1. Ha!!!!!…. I’m not the only one getting older around here. (getting old sucks, but it beats the only alternative)

    Happy Birthday, Henry, and I wish you many more of them.

  2. Happy birthday Henry! I hope you have an awesome birthday and I wish you all the best in the year ahead! 😀

  3. Hmmm….,someones Birthday?Remember,just because your getting older doesn’t mean you can’t still get into trouble(just wiser about not getting caught)!Have a happy weekend and will yas be sharing any Birthday cake?!

  4. Hey Henry. On your birthday, I wish you life, love, freedom, health, and most of all the freedom to enjoy them. You are a good man, and a true American National. You are the epitome of a REAL MAN.

    Happy Birthday my brother in arms.

  5. Happy Birthday, Henry 🙂

    Hope your birthday wishes are granted through your hard work and dedication, and that after they are attained you may have nothing but the satisfaction and happiness of reveling in the fruits of your labors.

  6. HEY, am I a Mushroom or what ???

    No one told me … I take just 12 hours off and the world keeps spinning into Henry’s BDay … I could be P–ed Off but Henry knows that he is loved and missed when he takes just a day …

    Bless You Brother … Happy Birthday – Steppenwolf: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmnkqqiPwAE

  7. I know I ruffle your feathers from time to time but you still put up with me . You are a large person to me but realize that people are people no matter how small. Happy birthday, the world is a better place because you were born. Sincerely, Carl Hammel

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