26 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day From the Trenches!

  1. My Fellow Americans:

    As a child,.. I use to love 4th Of July,… it was a day off no matter you were doing, everyone had off, there were bbq’s, fireworks, music,…. a plain Ol’ fashioned good time!

    Now, as an informed American Man,…. a trained combat Marine,… I hold the 4th Of July in contempt, as I do not see it as a celebration of independence,… but rather, the unwashed, or as the cess-pool elite call us,… “the ignorant masses” celebrating their Zionist-jew-communist enslavement, and the destruction of a once great country.

    My apologies for being a downer,… I can’t help but feel complete and utter fury at my fellow Americans who think everything is fine here in the land of lollipops and rainbows as we head straight into the abyss of absolute tyranny,… and it’s accompanying mass exterminations.

    When the shit-fight is over,… and those of us who fought to save this country from destruction and enslavement are still alive,…. nothing would make me happier,.,. than to share a cold, hard drink with them, as we truly do celebrate,… Our Independence Day!

    JD – US Marines – The party is over for me,… now,.. I only live to fight for my country, family, and friends.


    1. im sorry to say everything you said is true, thank you. its one of the few holidays i do like but only for my flag flying, and fire works. So that doesnt say much for me i guess, it used to mean more, before i became informed but still know nothing! I wish everyone a safe holiday

    2. Thank you John. My sentiments as well. Today would be a good day to go over the true meaning of the star spangled banner.

    3. I feel the same JD, have for years, But this morning, it’s so quiet here in the city, it feel like the day after 911.

    4. Good point, J.D.

      We can’t, in any degree of honesty, celebrate “Independence Day” while we’re completely dependent upon Zionist-owned corporations for our every need, and living under the tyranny these same people control.

      Most Americans are incapable of even an independent THOUGHT that hasn’t been drummed into their heads by the Jew-TV, and that fact makes the whole celebration as phony as the “election” process.

      Someday we’ll celebrate a REAL Independence Day, but I’m afraid it’s not going to happen this fourth of July. All we have this year is the same gang of morons celebrating a “freedom” that only exists as an illusion.

      I’m NOT celebrating Independence Day this year, because it’s a lie, but happy fourth of July, everyone.

      I guess there’s nothing wrong with taking a break for beer and barbeques, but there’s no independence to celebrate.

  2. I don’t celebrate the Fourth of July. The United States of America I grew up in is long gone and won’t be back until the Republic is restored.


  4. Our foundations are still in existence, our common law and Bill of Rights, etc..

    There is much to be grateful for as well as celebrate this Independence Day.

    In memory of the men that fought for their freedom, I celebrate.

    “Look not at the things which are seen, but at those things which are not seen.”

    “In the U.S. there are enough guns out on the street, and a revolutionary spirit that founded that Republic. The U.S. is armed to the teeth, there is enough lawlessness in the people, they have the spirit of revolution in their blood, they are heroes, they are a people that fought against tyranny and foreign occupation.” Ernst Zundel during an interview with an Israeli Jew.

  5. I celebrated by cranking up “It’s the End of the World as we Know it” for the neighbors lighting off fireworks to celebrate their ‘freedom’. There’s a line in that song that I love… ” Offer me solutions, and offer me alternatives, and I decline… it’s the end of the world as we know it.”

    Then I watched “Red Dawn” (the original, although I have the remake as well).

    1. Watched the remake last night.

      I think I like that one better. At least the invading forces commander got smoked in it.

          1. Wow, thank you. I did not see the link you left till I looked again.

            Yes, apparently it is.

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