33 thoughts on “Happy Veteran’s Day!

  1. Like it Wade. My father in law was a ww11 pow in Germany. He died of legionnaires about a month ago at 94. Every time I go by his grave I give him a proper salute. Not the sloppy ones you see these days.


    1. Sorry for your loss Paul, I salute your Father. I Can’t fault Veterans who served before the internet, for they were ill informed on the truth of zio bankers. I can see why young men joined right after 9/11/01, for they felt it was their patriotic duty. Any one who joined to go to Iraq, knowing it was a pack of lie’s, it is hard for me to feel any sympathy for them.

  2. Been awhile since I visited here,that said Happy Veterans Day to all current/retired vets,hopefully the world will be more peaceful in the future!


  4. I once stated I would never again post on this ” Cult of Ignorance ” site, yet again I feel disgust. However, Yeah, ” Happy Veteran’s Day “. Yeah, lets honor the tools & fools of the bankers wars. Let’s honor the senseless death of innocent women, children, and animals. Let’s honor the spread of DU munitions and the decimation of the Earth. Let’s honor submission to the UN. Yeah, let’s praise our submission to the luciferian powers that be. Yeah, lead us not into real knowledge and truth, but drown us with delusion and destruction unjustified. YEAH !!! USA USA USA . . .

    Yeah, F*#king brilliant . . . Wave that war-time flag in the name of demon-ocracy and faux peace, I pass in disgust . . . . .

    Note: Those who would censor my comments have NO RIGHT to ” free speech ” . . . . .

        1. Indeed.
          As a matter of fact, since I saw Wade’s post, I’ve been waiting for a comment like that. (Knew there would be at least one.) I was just wondering how long it would take and who would make it.

        2. What’s up brother Paul? What crawled into worshamisteins coffee?
          I know where he is coming from, but damn! How about a little understanding for the troops who have since awakened.

          1. Hey Bulldog. Yes, my father in law woke up to it as well. However his valor is unsurpassed IMO. His sacrifice was real regardless of what others might think.
            If you aint been there, you won’t understand.

          2. I know who the crappy wars were fought for. I to have a problem with today as worshamie does. But I won’t go at the troops like that. Got a couple thank yuous today and I just say alright and go about my day.
            Side note: sending off my ffl paperwork soon. Finishing up gunsmithing course. Veterans gunworks will be up and running in a couple months. I might see if Henry will let me advertise 🙂

    1. I have to agree with you, Mark. Honestly, I’m thoroughly sick of all the forced reverence toward those who “serve.” Whom did they serve? Corrupt politicians, crony capitalists, and Zionist psychopaths. No one else.

      Even so, I won’t say that all US vets are bad people. Many joined the military when they were young and impressionable, and they may have believed the lies they were told about why they “needed” to invade this or that country. This excuse, however, doesn’t hold nearly as much water in the Internet age. And plenty of people sign up for selfish or even sadistic reasons.

      Regardless of why someone ends up joining the US military and serving the corrupt oligarchy, I sure as hell don’t owe them any thanks. What have they done that I should thank them for? Who in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, or any other country attacked by America ever had the slightest hope of invading the US, taking it over, and then forcing me to live under their laws? And how does invading these countries prevent attacks in the US? On the contrary, US foreign aggression incites domestic attacks. We saw that with the Boston Bombers, the Fort Hood shooting, the underwear bomber, the shoe bomber, etc. (supposing that none of these were staged, of course).

      That’s not to say I don’t have my heroes. At the top of the list is Ed Snowden. He’s the one who REALLY deserves to be thanked for his service. Same with anyone else who risked or sacrificed his life fighting against the forces of tyranny here at home.

    2. Worshaminstein
      You should know that no one on this site believes that the wars were just, right or moral. None of them! But there are a lot of vets on here. Today for awake vets is about reflecting. It is a day when we remember a lot of what we did because we are awake now. People like you are worthless to the cause for degrading us! No one on this site, except the NSA trolls believes the wars were just. Get over yourself! When the next one happens people like you will ask for our help. Will you get it? Let me guess, you were born awake and have never been in the system. Doubt it.

    3. Mark Worsham,
      You start by insulting our “cult of ignorance” site and then finish your insult by saying that if we wipe your spit off our face we are not worthy for you to spit on.
      Do the words, “Go right straight to hell” mean anything to you, mister?
      Those who do not act with respect will get none here. And if you don’t like who we are, why are you here, to change us? Go change someone else.

      1. Hey brother!
        I’ve been gone for a while. I have been in a few rabbit holes lately. I’m still about 2/3 of the way down my latest one. I would like to discuss further soon. I value your opinion and want your take on this one. Don’t sweat worshaminstein he is attempting to instigate or wouldnt have commented.

      2. ONLY a Worshipful Master could bestow such eloquent praise !!!

        If one gets invited to dinner, and all there is, is rice and broccoli ( jews and masons ), it’s the Moonies.

        The inability to see or perceive outside of one’s self-imposed / adopted box, reveals an innate lack of the capacity to learn and grow, ie intellectual stagnation . . .

        1. When treachery comes from every angle, identifying the root and the avenue back to the Bill of Rights requires a narrow view with an absolute knowledge of all things surrounding. Of course it is difficult to absorb the enormity when viewing through a peep hole.

      3. but you loved all his money he gave you to keep going.. I think it is a sad day when a person not able to have free speech…

        1. Money doesn’t BUY Free Speech, especially HERE!!! Everyone is “able” to enjoy Free Speech on this site. However, IGNORANCE and DISRESPECT of our Brothers/Sisters in Arms is an entirely different issue and will NOT be taken lightly by ANY of us!

        2. The thought that I should become a whore to mammon at this late stage in the game, this will be the downfall of those who oppose. There are some people who cannot be bought and how sleazy to make the attempt. If I wanted to sell you out, I could be living lavishly and participating in your oppression.
          My sacrifice cannot be denied, no more than your hypocrisy. In short, f#@k you and the horse your rode in on.

    4. Mark, I remember your last comment you posted and at the end you said, ” I’m out of here.” I felt bad that you were so offended. Anyway, good to see a post from you on this “cult of ignorance site.”
      I understand your sentiments regarding this particular veterans day post, but not sure about the “cult of ignorance” comment.

    5. LOL

      -in a scrunchy faced/whinny talk-
      “don’t censor me”.

      What is it with these tools lately?

      “you had better not censor me”.

      Mark ,I need to go get some plastic wrap to cover the computer so I can piss on the idea of YOU, the tool. Your speech rights remain absolute.

      As for the rest of your comment. I dont care. I know what I did and didnt do. Thats my weight. You probably do as much by sitting on your ass, full of dinty moore beef stew, driving your shit car and rooting for the 9ers. The system needs cunts too. It takes all kinds.

    6. Hey genius, If you were you were lucky enough to not have gotten the “opportunity” , forced as it was, to get the SE Asia vacation package, you shouldn’t talk. Perhaps you weren’t even born yet? A lot of people lost their lives. You don’t have to say a word to those who didn’t.

      Everyone knows what it was all about. We lived it. Guys were spit on, shouted down, and otherwise degraded for being forced by their government to serve.

      So, as dad use to say, “If you got nothing nice to say, SHUT UP.

      The more you talk, the more you let people know how stupid you are.


  5. “… never again post on this ” Cult of Ignorance ” site,…”

    THIS coming from the moron who thought it would be a terrific idea for everyone posting on FTT to send in their photos to be put up, like we’re just another Masonic lodge, or some stupid sh#t.

    Kick rocks, clownboy.


  6. I will never vote again. I regret my service in the Army, if I knew that I was serving Communist Jew corporations and their police state I would have never joined. I hope that some day the old Constitution and Republic will be restored and free of Jewish tyranny. Happy Veterans Day???….not for me!

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