8 thoughts on “Here’s how to enjoy the “big blizzard”

  1. That was intentional smart guy.
    hence the whoop la they yelled.

    I miss taking the car out as kids when the roads are closed and finding a big lot to doughnut and fish-tail in.

    Much more fun than figuring out how to come up with the much needed funds to stay in business another month. Man is business slow! I didnt think it could get slower than December. I did less than $50 retail the last two weeks. That doesnt even cover the power bill. You know what they say February is the best time to go belly up and homeless. lol

  2. ” this video contains content from “NBC” ( No Body Cares news)who has blocked it on copyright grounds”

    thats what i see when clicking on the video

    F NBC!

    1. hmmm that’s funny. still works from my end. just clicked on it again/. I’m sorry folks. i still got a big laugh out of it. 😆

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