Homeland Security is paying police to set up DUI checkpoints


Drunk driving has decreased by one-third since 2007 and three-quarters since 1973, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) 2013-2014 Roadside Survey of Alcohol and Drug Use by Drivers.

The NHTSA used FORCIBLY collected oral fluid or blood samples from 11,100 drivers at 60 locations across the country to make the determination that drunk driving is decreasing.  

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If drunk driving is down, why is there an increase in illegal no-refusal blood draw checkpoints across the country?

Why would DHS pay police departments to set up DUI checkpoints? It’s all about conditioning the public to accept illegal 4th. Amendment intrusions by DHS. The NHTSA/DHS are giving out MILLIONS in grant money, which is essentially paying police departments to set up checkpoints.

DHS has partnered with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA). Click here &here to read more.

The NHTSA & DHS are providing police across the country with ‘No Refusal DUI’ toolkits! Click here& here to find out more.

The Department of Transportation is also part of DHS. Click herehere and here to read more.

Connecticut Police will hold a DUI checkpoint this Friday night at the intersection of Corbin Avenue South and West Main Street.

The checkpoint is part of a grant the department received from the Connecticut Department of Transportation that provides 75% overtime reimbursement to support increased DUI detection and enforcement efforts, police said.

Police said the grant will be used to “staff additional DUI patrols as well as roadside sobriety checkpoints.”

Police in Miami. Florida are setting up barricades and traffic loops, turning Miami Beach into a mini police state!

image credit: nbcmiami.com

“Miami Beach will once again turn itself into a mini police state during Memorial Day weekend. The traffic loops, barricades, and checkpoints will all return this year.”

Police in Philadelphia post the exact locations of their DUI checkpoints.

Police in California proudly boast to “Avoid the 13 DUI Task Force” where they target innocent drivers:

The Calif. Office of Traffic Safety even posts an annual calendar of DUI checkpoints, giving everyone the dates but not the exact locations.

The South Carolina Dept. Of Safety provides numerous links to ‘Highway Safety Grants’ provided by DHS.

Even the Department of Defense is giving out grants to police departments! Click here to read more.

DHS/Police want to put breathalyzers in EVERY bar!

Last year Utah introduced a bill to have breathalyzers put in every bar and bill customers $2.00!

The devices can cost as much as $1,000. To date, nightspots that have such meters generally affix them to walls and charge about $2 for a reading, and patrons often wander over for a laugh.

“Utah DUI arrests have dipped in recent years, but lawmakers say the state should do more to prevent those numbers from climbing again.”

Does doing more include treating every bar patron like a criminal?

Below is a list of recent examples of the war on drunk driving:

MADD/DHS want to put breathalyzers in every vehicle.
(MADD has a close relationship with DHS, click here & here to read more.)

DHS wants automakers to equip every car with DUI interlock devices.

DHS wants to have everyone wear portable alcohol biosensors.

Where is all this heading? Why to a complete American Police State of course!



3 thoughts on “Homeland Security is paying police to set up DUI checkpoints

  1. “Why would DHS pay police departments to set up DUI checkpoints? It’s all about conditioning the public to accept illegal 4th. Amendment intrusions by DHS.”


    It’s about ‘revenue’ as well.

    Always a top consideration for the thieving jews.


  3. I was recently visiting someone in FL. who is retired Army. We were fishing off of the beach. When we left, I noticed 2 of these elevated platforms. I asked what those were and was told that they were there because of possible terrorist attacks.They were both inside a US Airforce base adjacent to a public highway. I was told that inside of them were armed men. So, I surmise that these identical platforms were provided to the police by our US Military. Ask yourself, what does no infringement mean? Ask yourself what does no standing Army except in a time of war mean? What is means amongst many things is that we the people are being impoverished by a beast that is illegal, unlawful, and tyrannical. These same Bolshevik miscreant parasites have turned what was meant to be a prosperous people into a near death corpse while they dine and dance to the tune of lawlessness ruled and orchestrated by these same damned elitist demonic people.

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