Homeland Security Monitoring the Louisiana Sinkhole Area at Bayou Corne

Published on Nov 30, 2012 by 

Have you ever watched vultures sitting in a tree just waiting for their prey to die?

That’s what Homeland Security reminds me of in this situation.

3 thoughts on “Homeland Security Monitoring the Louisiana Sinkhole Area at Bayou Corne

  1. They’re not going to do anything sensible or productive there. They’re only monitoring this sink hole to make sure they have enough time to run to safety like scared little girls.

    It’s kind of like how the FEMA boys turned out to help the hurricane Sandy victims, but wouldn’t open their door because the weather was too rough.

    In order to be promoted to a decent job in any federal agency, you have to allow yourself to be used as a woman for many years, and this is why we have sissies showing up at disasters whose only purpose is to pose for the TV cameras. They don’t do anything useful, but they sure know how to apply that make-up. (you need a little more mascara, pretty-boy)

  2. Thank you for this news story about the Louisiana sinkhole and making everyone aware of what is going on here in Louisiana! Yesterday (December 7, 2012) I Captured up close HD footage of the sinkhole from highway 70. I would love for you to see the video if you like. Thanks again!

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