Homeless Man (James Noble) Discusses Southern California Homeless Situation

Published on Jul 8, 2013 by George Hemminger

Getting to the Truth “On the Streets”!

James Noble, formerly homeless man talks about southern California homeless population and details survival tactics and intell you won’t get anywhere else

How to Survive on the Streets Homeless

Published on Jul 8, 2013 by George Hemminger

Getting to the Truth “On the Streets”!

I talk with James Noble, Urban Survivor about tips regarding surviving on the streets in Southern California. He gives us specific lintel about specific cities, food procurement, proper etiquette and special advise for families.

3 thoughts on “Homeless Man (James Noble) Discusses Southern California Homeless Situation

  1. About the first video, Noble must have not had time to see the last presidential election if he thinks voting is going to do anything. But given his current situation, I understand. The guy must have been through hell in the past.

  2. That James Noble sounds like a real good guy. He knows what he is talking about. The thing is though is when you are no the street in the winter time in a cold climate like the twin cities where you are out in the freezeing bitter cold temps. Good post there Cathleen

  3. I partially agree with him except he is talking about the illegal immigrants like they are the cause of our bad economy. Really? What about the banks?
    Our economy was purposefully brought down by the international banking cartel and it has nothing really to do with immigration legal or not.

    Many people still don’t see that this seed of anti immigration propaganda that is planted amongst the conservatives is actually almost like a trojan horse for the hidden purpose of achieving the good old solution that worked all the time for the elite to keep control while putting the blame on others. Yes, Divide and Conquer, that is the way of the elite. We should not fall for these otherwise very smart and deceiving tactics as we should all think realistically and reasonably. The immigration issue is really a non-issue compared to the real issues why exactly this country is falling to pieces. It is for the same reason as many other countries are falling apart all over the developed or not as developed world. People are rioting everywhere. The smarter societies do the right things the same way as the Icelandic people did. Believe me if we would concentrate on the real problems, if we would prosecute the Banks, if we would do something similar to what the people have achieved in Iceland then our economy would become strong, very strong, again and then we would basically forget about this immigration issue.

    Do not fall for this attempt that would certainly segregate us even more.

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