How Israel Arms The Enemies Of The United States – part 1

Published on Apr 29, 2018

Extract taken from “Israeli Drones World Wide”. 12 minutes.

ISRAELI DRONES WORLD WIDE How Israel arms the enemies of the United States and dominates the world’s high tech sector. Also how Israel has told the US to go away. It has China and Russia now to team up with.…

Mudge, Peter Zatko explains how defense contractors are prone to “losing” technology. He infers they do this on purpose to arm the enemies of the United States to justify more defense contracts and keep Israel’s own military technology industry pumping along.

The arms industry is intimately linked with the drug industry and money laundering. All of it. These parasites on the backs of common humanity are a “private intelligence network” we got a glimpse of during the Iran Contra hearings.

These “private networks” transcend nation states, race, religion and ideology. Rothschild is the grand chess master. All roads lead to him as his networks spread the weapons nescessary to kill more human beings, foster war, chaos and finally, The Solution.

That solution is a one world government – population control. The human race locked into high technology Smart Cities – vaccinated into sterility. The tech is designed and fabricated in Israel – to be manufactured in China. We have ten years till the drones, robots come. Then we are finished. When will we wake up to this?

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