How Sandy Hook KILLED TV

Published on Jul 5, 2016 by Barry Soetoro

HOW did the Sandy Hook SCAM kill TV?

The Regime sent liars on CNN & FOX to lie — about the fake murder of fake children.

Newtown’s “school shooting” was 100% FAKE. Sandy Hook was a gun-grab LIE to take your GUNS.

Sandy Hook’s other goal is “Mental Health” laws forcing your kids to get diagnosed and disqualified from owning guns.

The whole MSM (Mainstream Media) LIED TO YOU about Sandy Hook. Nobody died at Sandy Hook. The Newtown “shooting” was fake. It was gun-grab TREASON.

PROOF Sandy Hook was FAKE — “Sandy Hook PHONY Dives Behind Car”:

CT Governor DANNEL MALLOY lies about Newtown:

Bloomberg’s FELONS Push Fake Shootings:

Eric Holder says “We need to BRAINWASH people” about GUNS:

One thought on “How Sandy Hook KILLED TV

  1. “HOW did the Sandy Hook SCAM kill TV?”

    Define “kill”.

    T.V. is STILL doing exactly what it was designed to do… indoctrinating, brainwashing & dumbing down the masses.

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