How the Drug War and the FDA Prevent the Sick from Being Cured

Deadline Live – by Szandor Blestman 

Do you know what’s good for you? Have you personally studied various cures, potions and concoctions to figure this out, or are you taking someone else’s word for it? Do you have any personal experience with certain substances, medications or procedures when treating your disease, or are you trusting someone else that they know better which will work and which will not? Are you using an allopathic physician, a naturopath, some other alternative practitioner, or maybe a combination of all these? Are you sure the physician you use has told you all the alternatives you have to choose from? Are you sure you know what would work best for your particular circumstance?

Chances are you might think you do, but that you do not. The simple fact may be that there are just too many treatment choices for any one person to know them all. Yet, sadly, in this nation of supposedly free people, we don’t have access to nearly enough of those treatments. The FDA has already decided for you that many of those treatments are unworthy of your time. They have done so despite evidence from other parts of the world that some of these work for some (or even most) people who try them. One might ask why an agency charged with determining the safety and efficacy of food and drugs would prevent proven cures from coming to market in the US, and one would be right to ponder this question long and hard and look into the matter deeply.

The answer, however, is really simple. The FDA doesn’t care about you. It doesn’t care about safety. It doesn’t care about food safety and it doesn’t care about drug safety. If it did, aspartame would not be allowed as an ingredient in food products. If it did there would be more complete and comprehensive studies on drugs and vaccines before they became available on the market and those studies would be done by an independent laboratory with no financial conflict of interest. If they did, then they would report in great detail on a variety of health care approaches rather than just blowing off every approach other than allopathic. If they did, then there’d likely be a lot less processed food on our store shelves and consumers would be more educated as to the dangers such foods present to your health. If they did, then there wouldn’t be this epidemic of prescription drug deaths taking place in our nation.

Some would like to blame this on incompetence. They like to point at the size and scope of the FDA and claim that it is too big and cumbersome to do an effective job. I don’t believe that. I believe that, at least at the top, the FDA knows exactly what it’s doing. I believe these people are malicious and dangerous. They don’t care about your safety because they do care about the profits of some very large and influential multinational corporations. They care about large agricultural corporations and the large chemical corporations (Monsanto, et al.) that provide them with herbicides and pesticides. They care about the large pharmaceutical corporate entities. They care about large medical interests like the AMA. They don’t care about what makes you sick or about what makes you well because you don’t supply their political cronies with the money necessary to stay in power.

You can’t tell me the people at the top of the FDA are stupid or incompetent. In fact, I think they’re probably pretty smart and that they know exactly what they’re doing. There is plenty of scientific evidence out there to support my point of view that they have approved dangerous food and drugs for consumption. I somehow doubt very much that all this evidence has escaped their notice. They simply choose to ignore it. Worse than that, they choose to prevent everyday working folk from understanding it. It’s not enough to allow their corporate buddies to produce food and drug products that poison the bodies of decent, hard working Americans, they allow the use of propaganda to poison the minds of those same Americans to make them think that such food and drug products are healthy and safe. They abuse the trust that has been instilled in their institution so that the poor fools who still listen to them will continue to believe that we have the “safest” supply of “healthy” food and the most advanced medicine in the world. Nothing could be further from the truth. The trust has been broken. All so that a few people at the top of a few corporations can reap a harvest of obscene wealth from the seeds of human suffering they have sown.

Making sure your food and drug supply is dangerous and poisoned is just one way the elite ruling class makes sure the sick of this nation don’t get well. They also do their best to try to prevent drugs and natural cures known to be safe and effective from being sold in the United States. Marijuana is perhaps the best known for this. For decades we have been told that marijuana had no medicinal effects. The FDA even declared that testing could not be done in the United States so that science could not find differently. We of course now know better. Anyone who still believes that marijuana has no medicinal uses is so far in denial as to be beyond hope that the light of reason will ever penetrate the darkness that has warped their mind. Either that or they’re involved with the drug war and on such a terrible power trip that they have no empathy toward the sick and dying and perhaps even enjoy the pain and suffering they cause.

Why would these people still work to prevent access to medical marijuana even after it has helped so many and so much evidence has been presented that it does, indeed, have medical uses? The answer is again, money. There is more profit in marijuana if it is kept illegal. By keeping drugs illegal, governments with their monopolies of legitimized force are better able to control the drug trade. Look into the evidence that the CIA is one of the biggest drug trade organizations in the world. You can continue to hide your head in the sand and believe that intelligence agencies have only the best interests of the public at heart or you can open your mind and at least look over the information and admit that the possibility exists that some people just might be in it for the wealth and power. Once it is legal to grow and it is removed from the black market, the risk (of death and imprisonment) has been lifted and more people will compete to grow it leading to a fall in prices and a reduction of profit margins. At that point those involved in the black market will have to look elsewhere to make the kind of profits they now enjoy.

But it’s more than that. It’s more than marijuana and illegal drugs. The FDA prevents proven cures from coming to market, especially natural cures. Cancer cures, for instance, have been around for years, but they would have you believe that cancer is some mysterious disease that baffles the medical establishment and will likely never be cured. Look into alternative cancer cures. Look into essiac tea, Royal Raymond Rife, Dr. Simoncini and his baking soda cure, “The Cure for All Cancers,” dietary cures, etc. All these have been available for some time and there are thousands of case studies where they’ve worked. I’ve even heard from a personal source whom I trust implicitly that there is a cancer vaccine that has been shown to be effective available in other countries but not yet here. Yet these cures remain elusive to Americans who are suffering from such disease. They are not widely known to the general public. The FDA and the government has done more than just keep knowledge of such cures from the people, they have actively prevented doctors from treating patients even to the point of arresting them and destroying their research and notes no matter how many people they have helped and how much suffering they have relieved.

Why would the FDA and other government agencies want to prevent such cures from being known? Why would they want to crack down on doctors who are helping patients using these methods? Why would they imprison people engaging in voluntary business interactions with one another? The answer is again simple. Money, power and influence have everything to do with it. How many people need to die before something is done about this injustice? How much suffering has to occur before people realize that those who were entrusted to alleviate such suffering are actually condoning the practices that cause it due to their own greed and lust for power?

Neither the pharmaceutical industry, the medical industry, nor the financial industry want to see cures for many diseases come to market when they can make so much more money by treating the patient’s condition for years. The pharmaceutical industry makes billions selling expensive drugs such as chemotherapy drugs and the like. The medical industry makes billions selling expensive treatments that take long periods to complete such as radiation treatment. Researchers make billions from government grants and charitable donations looking for cures that always seem to show promise and yet never seem safe or effective enough to come to market. The financial industry makes billions selling health insurance to a populace that is frightened of coming down with a disease that is expensive to treat and without insurance will likely result in their financial ruin. This is even more true today now that government has mandated insurance for everyone under pain of fines for those who do not comply.

The FDA, like so many other federal government agencies, has failed utterly. It does not protect the public, it harms individuals that trust it to make decisions for them. It has abused the power granted to it by helping to enrich the ruling elite that already have too much wealth, power and influence. It has helped dumb down the people of this nation by fostering a false belief that their organization is looking out for everyone’s best interests and no one need take responsibility for their own healthcare decisions. The FDA needs to be declawed. It needs to be made into an advisory bureau only, with no method available to it to enforce its will, if it is to exist at all.

Mostly, people need to be made aware of its foibles and start educating others as to its true nature. People need to take responsibility for their own healthcare and the healthcare of their families and friends who still wish to believe in the magic of government and trust its agencies. People need to demand that government stay out of their private business as well as their private lives. People need to deny consent to be ruled even by the alphabet agencies supposedly set up to protect them. After all, if I wish to listen to the advice of someone, is it right for someone in power to force me to listen to the advice of someone else? Is it right for someone to force me to do business with someone I do not wish to do business with? No one should have that kind of power, no individual and no group of individuals. I own my own body and they do not. It is my decision what I put in it and no one should have the power to prohibit me from doing so or to force some substance or treatment upon me which I do not wish to take.

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9 thoughts on “How the Drug War and the FDA Prevent the Sick from Being Cured

    1. Actually, digger, I was surprised the article didn’t mention vitamin B-17 as a cure / preventative for cancer. It most definitely does work.

  1. So the FDA DOESNT care about people ? This is not news. The FDA, just like every other compartment of govt “service” is simply operating to make money, in the form of bribes and payouts from the lobbying arm of whatever industry it allegedly supports., The FDA makes its money from fat govt salaries and expensive dinners and gifts on the tab of the big pharma lobbying mechanism. The military has the military industrial complex which still lives and breathes life into 2 new wars over the past 10 -15 years. Local police departments are now militarized – why ?
    All this goes on, while the power elite

    1. Agreed. The fact that the FDA doesn’t care about people is indisputable.

      This article is about HOW and WHY the FDA doesn’t care about people.

  2. Cannabis is illegal because it in itself can destroy or seriously reduce a number of industries, timber, cotton, alcohol, law enforcement, the black market, CIA, pharmaceutical industry, medical industry and the oil industry would be crushed if it were completely legal.
    The Elite could not exist without murderous extortion and control. In a truly free market a large middle class with a much less wealthy elite would exist. But hey, the elite are happy murderers all to gain more and more and more power, control and money. Talking about illegal drugs, power is the worst of the worst and too many sheeple are happy to go along to get along.

  3. The FDA was called “The Bureau of Chemicals” before they changed their name to something a little less offensive. Now, with this little bit of knowledge, you now know why they only approve chemicals compounds and demonize natural substances.

  4. I don’t see anywhere in the Constitution where the government is granted the power to police food and drugs. Beside the fact of being totally corrupt, the FDA is also unconstitutional and ought to be disbanded – along with about 80% of government agencies.

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