How to Boycott Big Food

Published on Aug 13, 2013 by corbettreport


The modern supermarket is less and less a place to purchase food for the household and more and more a warzone where shoppers have to negotiate a minefield of toxic chemicals and additives. From processed foods with their string of unpronounceable ingredients to the “fresh fruits and vegetables” saturated in pesticides to meat and dairy products from industrial farms where animals are raised on a diet of growth hormones and animal waste to the ever-present and ever-growing danger of GMO contamination of nearly everything, feeding healthy, nourishing food to your family is quickly becoming difficult, if not impossible, through the industrial food system.

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One thought on “How to Boycott Big Food

  1. Does someone really need a lesson in this? All you need is a desire to eat healthy food and all of the big food companies are right out of the picture.

    I haven’t eaten any of the crap in a decade. It’s only difficult if you’re a lazy bastard who refuses to get off is ass and cook up something decent.

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