How to Take Down the Obama Administration and Restore the Constitution

Freedom Outpost – by Lawrence Sellin

In military operations, the enemy’s “center of gravity” is defined in JP 1-02 as “the source of power that provides moral or physical strength, freedom of action, or will to act.” It can also be a source of weakness and provide a point of attack.

Obama is the center of gravity for a corrupt political system. His center of gravity is transparency or, in this case, the lack thereof.  

Paraphrasing “Counterinsurgency” (FM 3-24), the ability to generate and sustain popular support, or at least acquiescence and tolerance, has been the sine qua non of Obama’s political survival. Support or tolerance is often generated using intimidation and coercion of the populace. In these cases, even if people do not favor Obama, they are forced to tolerate him or provide support.

The liberal media, which have adopted the Obama agenda as its own, have artificially generated and sustained his popular support through censorship and manipulation of the news to prevent the American people from knowing who Obama is and the true nature of his political agenda.

One needs only to acknowledge which political movements have advanced the most in the United States during his tenure in the Oval Office: anti-Americanism, socialism, Islam and homosexuality.

Like Joseph Stalin, Obama recognizes that “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.”

It is the fear of criticism from the liberal media that has intimidated Republicans and conservative commentators from exposing Obama and, consequently, allowed him to use government agencies to coerce any potential opponents.

Undermining the near universal and unconditional support given to Obama by the liberal media will produce a frenzy of disclosures about the unconstitutional and illegal activities conducted by him and his facilitators, including members of the Republican Party. Revealing the endemic corruption in Washington, D.C. is the first, essential step toward restoring the Constitution and the rule of law.

Money is the lever. The targets of the intimidation used by the liberal media establishment are not the Republicans and conservative commentators directly, but their financial donors and sponsors. Likewise, the liberal media are vulnerable to decreased viewership and sponsorship, especially at local levels, which can ultimately reverberate nationally.

Without the collective and unqualified protection provided by the liberal media, Obama and the corrupt political status quo cannot survive.

There is a Cold Civil War underway in the United States between those who want to adhere to the Constitution and the rule of law and those who wish to continue the practices of political expediency and crony capitalism.

It is a choice between a government of the people, by the people and for the people as envisioned by the Founding Fathers and eloquently stated by President Abraham Lincoln in his Gettysburg Address or a country governed by executive over-reach, legislative complicity, judicial partisanship and journalistic decadence.

The Obama regime, the complicit politicians and the liberal media establishment are willing to risk the survival of the country rather than risk the truth.

They are the enemies of honest government. You cannot collaborate or compromise with the enemy.


14 thoughts on “How to Take Down the Obama Administration and Restore the Constitution

  1. Sounds like the intention is in the right place, but the author is confused about a few things. Taking down Obama is pointless because then we’ll be stuck with Biden, which is also a puppet. Or, if the whole administration is removed, just another puppet gets put in place. So, this is a fruitless effort that does nothing but treat symptoms, not the cause.

    If you think getting rid of one corrupt scumbag is going to fix anything in the District of Criminals, you’re dreaming. The entire country needs a major governmental reset. The core of corruption runs from the highest level of office all the way down to homeowner’s associations. The morale and morality of the American political system is rotten to it’s core. Only a complete 180 degree turn around can fix this utterly broken system.

    Then, to mention Lincoln, the author must be very confused about who this tin plated tyrant was. Maybe the author should spend some serious time looking into the true nature of this criminal puppet. Maybe the author doesn’t know that Lincoln had many of his generals that didn’t agree with him, whacked, killed, murdered, executed, dead, taking a dirt nap, just like some mafia boss. Let’s not forget what he allowed General (Burn it to the Ground!) Sherman do to the South, as every place Sherman entered, he burned to the ground, except for one place, Savannah. No author, you can keep that piece of shit Lincoln.

    Finally, this author, like many still asleep to the true nature of the problem, have their hearts in the right place. They just don’t grasp the magnitude of the enemy they face. They fail to know real history and look beyond the CIA written propaganda. These types of people turn a blind eye to Izual-hell and never dare look in the direction of the Khazar Zionist enemy slowly murdering the world. If we never get at the root of the problem, the poisonous plant just grows back.

    1. You’re absolutely right, JoeRepublic, but I’m going to defend the author without disagreeing with you.

      He’s just on a different point in the learning curve, and hasn’t grasped the enormity of the problem yet. I think, as you said, his intentions are good, but he still has some learning to do to catch up with you.

      As of right now, he “can’t see the forest for the tree”, but give him some time and he’ll be up to speed, I think.

      1. Yes, that’s why I don’t bash people that are on the right track, but haven’t seen the real enemy yet. I think soon, people won’t be able to deny it anymore.

    2. Agreed totally with all your points/couldn’t have put it more succinctly myself!. however you seem to be having trouble with the spelling of the heathen country where all this chaos emanates from, its not izual-hell,…….. i do believe the correct spelling is:
      ISREALHELL. after all whats in a name, more importantly what that name tell us: is-real-hell.

  2. Obama’s advanced Islam?

    By killing Muslims in Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Mali, Libya and Syria thru the use of drones, mercs and special forces?

    By looking the other way when those Israeli psychos continue stealing more land and brutalizing more Muslims, the Palestinians?

    By ignoring the many crimes of the Jewish owned Wall Street banks and their control over the Fed, which is on a mission to destroy the dollar?

    By giving untold sums of OUR money to synagogues under the guise of helping them beef up security?

    Gosh, I never realized how much Obama has helped Muslims.

    I don’t know who this writer is, but until he calls out the greedy, heartless, thieving SOB’s at the FED and calls for the abolition of that abomination and a return to debt-free currency, he’ll be nothing more than a mouthpiece for neocons and Zionist war mongers.

    1. Agreed on your comments. and Germany has to wonder and gesticulate about why the fed refused to allow them to see their gold at the fed. when asked by Germany when their gold would be returned, the fed abruptly told Germany : sometime around 2022!. they were only allowed to see one room of 9 of their gold holdings after a rebuke of the fed’s answer. they were NOT allowed to go into the vault or to touch their gold. if any of us did this type of behavior, we would either wind up in jail or dead at the end of a long-gun. the latter is a fitting method of restitution for this epic level of fed corruption, dont you think?.

      1. The gold is gone, where to, I have no idea, but it’s apparent those sickos have an unquenchable appetite for that shiny metal.

        Gone from Ft. Knox too. The last physical audit was back in 1957.

    2. Totally agree. This was almost like some sort of a writing assignment to see how many times the author could use the phrase “liberal media” in one article. The ideas put forth are the same regurgitated talking points this crowd puts forth on a daily basis. Some of the posters here are more tolerant than I am, I guess. I find this article unreadable. Talk radio journalism.

  3. “Obama is the center of gravity for a corrupt political system.”

    Obama is merely the spokesperson for the crime syndicate that runs the US corporate government. When the military industrial complex, Wall Street, Federal Reserve owners, Kissinger, Rockefellers, Bushes, Clintons, and the Jesuit general and his minions are taken down, that will be the time to clean the riffraff out of our government, including lobbies and NGOs, and put them into long-term storage, or whatever The People decide.

    1. lets presume you or i knew a “made” man in the mafia. the very stance of being “made” causes an odor of arrogance, malfeasance, and total corruption to emanate from this “made” man’s character, would it not?…… since obummer is a meat-puppet installed by the communists in the cia, does he not fit the pattern of a “made” man. his arrogance, lack of empathy, and complete saturation in the world of mafia-corruption fits obama to a t!.

      As to those who think this republic still exists???…… the last vestige of our republic died when jfk died/and when those bastards successfully got away with that coup. why was he murdered?…… because he was attempting to control a real currency issued by the treasury, as well as have isrealhell reclassified as a foreign espionage entity. he also spoke in general terms of the monolith of control imposed by secret means, he spoke of baphomet’s control of washington d.c. and in all higher halls of power/esp international corporations such as general motors, general electric, and also referred to as the military-industrial machine.

      The last vestiges of our voting system went the way of elvis(left the building) when scotus ruled thru bush’s brother jeb/that bush v gore was settled in bush’s favor. how much more in your face does it need to get? when they own the office of presidency and own the voting system/its very clear that fits the very definition of a full scale tyranny!.

      I also agree with other postings elsewhere on this great site, that the time to have risen to arms, has surely passed the point of the rubicon. not that we wont be able to rebore another republic, but we got one hell of a fight to do so, ahead of us.

    2. Yes, I agree with your description of Obama as an arrogant sociopath in a powerful position as seen by the public, but he is still a middle man in comparison to the wealth and global manipulative power of his psychopathic puppeteers.

      As for the republic, I’m not sure it ever existed, or existed for very long, except on paper and in the hearts and minds of some of this nation’s founders and descendant patriots of all walks of life; its demise began with the treason of George Washington dividing the new nation into federal districts and creating its Jesuit seat of power – the independent city-state of Washington, DC, and was completed with the incorporation of the US by foreign interests in 1871. The illusion of the republic did indeed end with JFK’s assassination.

      JFK was very visibly publicly executed as a message to the world that the malevolence ruling this planet will not tolerate any independence or attempts intending world peace and prosperity in opposition to their continued looting, wreaking havoc, and destruction. Unexpectedly for them though, that public execution has served as the pivot point for the public to begin waking from its programmed slumber, and the destruction of the World Trade Center towers has clinched our awakening, slow as it seems.

      I agree it is time for action, but there are thousands and thousands of middle men waiting in line to replace any middle men taken out, and focused tactics on the middle will likely result in chaos, starvation, harsher marshal law, and civil war with causalities in the millions. In my opinion, working up from the bottom, while those in position work from the top down, will, with struggle, bring back our republic with the least carnage. It won’t be easy, and it will require relentless persistence.

  4. Only one solution: Like any war, you must first take out the communications and replace them with your own.

    The media is the only thing keeping these guys up in the air and discrediting those trying to get rid of him. Get rid of the MSM and you weaken the enemy immensely to the point that they will slip up and make the first move or be on the run.

    Everyone should hack in or takeover the airwaves and fill them with patriotic messages, kinda like those famous scenes in the movie, “Network” and in “V for Vendetta”. That will put the elite in fear mode big time, will make them slip up and hopefully a lot more sheeple will have waken up to the lies right there and decide to do something in outrage, thus blowing up the elite’s plan right in their face.

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