How Trump became the Russian Mafia’s bitch

Veterans Today – by Ian Greenhalgh, March 31, 2017

Consulting and security firms with  nation state clients are now putting out an alarm.  America has entered a “constitutional crisis,” the government is wrong somehow, terms like “deep state” or “rigged election” are floating out there.  In truth, few grasp what has really happened and fewer still know how to tell the story. 

What is here needs to be understood in order to be survived.  To begin with, we are only continuing the tale begun in Damascus in 2014 when we informed a regional security conference there that ISIS is a creation of organized crime and has only a veneer of Wahhabist extremism, just enough to feed the willing press assets who have been tasked to continue the subterfuge.

Most get all of this now, how ISIS is fake terrorism reported by fake news to fake countries with fake governments and fake economies based on fake money.

Our context begins with the news of the day, minor players, press conferences and phony congressional investigations.  Past this, there is an equally phony FBI investigation and for the first time most readers will get more than empty accusations and bumper sticker analysis.  We are actually going to tell you where it all comes from, who did it and why you should care so sit tight, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

It is clear to most Americans that Rep. Devin Nunes is involved in “monkey business” of some kind, secret midnight meetings and blatant misuse of his position to scuttle inquiries into President Trump and those around him, official criminal investigations Nunes learned of while questioning FBI Director Comey recently.  Those questions and many more will be answered, answers none want to hear, not Comey, not Nunes and certainly not Trump.

The truth, the real truth presents a dark picture of something more than a simple constitutional crisis or Washington “corruption as usual.”  When threats pour out of the White House, “we will have your family killed,” taken from court documents filed against Trump, and backed up by our informants as well, something Trump utters several times a day, one of his most common patterns of speech, what we are going to demonstrate for you should make you afraid.

There are, in the United States, no organizations capable of protecting themselves against those you will learn about here.  We will paint a very dark picture, one of a world few would have accepted as possible only a few short months ago.  Today things are different, lies, threats and bullying are the law of the land.  So is murder and corruption, not the fake news conspiracy theory version.  The dead here are real dead, the threat real as well.

Key sources have told VT how mob bought-and-paid-for Justice Dept. and FBI officials have scuttled investigations into not just Trump, Epstein and Sater, but their bosses – men so powerful no-one can be protected from them, least of all, a president.

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9 thoughts on “How Trump became the Russian Mafia’s bitch

  1. Its a sheep problem

    If sheep could vote :
    ..They’d pick the person who feeds them…..Even if its the same person who will slaughter them later

    next election ( selection) will be no different

  2. Been saying it for years, nothing new here. Bought and paid for. You think those fancy clothes those kids wear were actually acquired legally?

  3. ‘what we are going to demonstrate for you should make you afraid.’

    no…more like really pissed off

  4. i remember as a young Marine when then President John Kennedy WARNED US ABOUT A SECRET GOVT OPERATING WITHIN OUR GOVT.
    and that’s a FACT.

  5. It’s hardly a “secret” govt imposing tyranny upon US when not a single one of them exposes the truth about WHO runs this s**tshow or does ANYTHING about it it.

    They are not OUR govt, they are the occupying enemy force proxy regime that has established itself DOMESTICALLY and has a FOREIGN interest other than that of the American National and the Bill of Rights.

    1. Oh, and I forgot to add, “Russian” mob means jooish mob, just like the “Italian” mob. The heads of those rotting fish are all la kosher nostril. The goy do the dirty work, take the rap and get the crumbs while the joos get the feast. chump never did a G’d thing in real estate without help and a pat on the head from his joo masters. A couple billion in real estate in joo york ain’t shite, except a few square blocks, and some chumptards think he can’t be bought.

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