Hunter’s laptop IS real, says . . . the Biden Justice Department

By Editorial Board – NY Post

Hunter Biden speaks during a news conference outside the Capitol, Dec. 13, 2023, in Washington.

It’s already been confirmed as 100% real eight ways from Sunday, but in case anyone still needed proof that the Hunter Biden laptop is real, look no further than . . . the Biden Justice Department.

Yes, special counsel David Weiss is going to submit the laptop as evidence against Hunter in his upcoming gun trial, per a filing made Wednesday.

The irony is all the more delicious given that Weiss is best known for working as point-man on “Big Guy” Joe’s effort to make sure the first son faced no real punishment.

But the filing means the Biden administration itself has caved to reality and admitted all those photos of Hunter posing with sex workers, flashing the family jewels and doing drugs and all the emails blowing up the Biden Mafia influence-peddling scheme are legit.

The Real McCoy.

The genuine article.

Accept no substitutes.

The Post was the lone voice crying in the desert about the laptop for years.

And in response, our reporting on the truth was attacked by a whole rogue’s gallery of shady “intelligence expert” creeps like James Clapper, who tried to suggest the laptop was Russian disinfo.

Those efforts themselves were part of an actual Bidenworld disinfo op meant to help Joe into the White House, one that’s bizarrely been ongoing long after his election.

AOC called the laptop half-fake in February of 2023!

Rep. Dan Goldman was still trying to claim the laptop was somehow not real as late as December!

Well, what does this circus-worth of soulless, sellout clowns have to say now?

We’re waiting.

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