I am a 99ER Give Me My Damned Tier 5 Now!

First Published 9-10-10

Congress will be reconvening this coming Monday, and all 99ers need to be contacting those who are being paid to represent us.  I was born in this country and can trace my lineage on both my mother’s and father’s side back to the colonies.  This country belongs to me and I will be damned if I will be made a beggar at my own table.  We have tried reasoning with the power structure, many have even tried pleading.  No more!

Human beings are by nature carnivorous predators.  We, who are here today, need to realize that our genes were not passed down through the millennia because our ancestors were weak.  In fact our line survives to this day because when the situation dictated our ancestors bared their teeth and became as vicious as they had to in order to survive and to assure the survival of their progeny to perpetuate their line and thus a part of them into the future.

On Monday everyone who intends to contact their assumed representatives by phone needs to look into the eyes of their children and or grandchildren beforehand.  When you get on that phone let go of the apathy and self pity and think about your progeny and their future.  Think about how it will be when December rolls around if Tier 5 is not passed.  Then make sure that you are enraged to the point of barely being able to control your anger.  Make sure they hear that anger in your voice.  Do not try to reason with them and whatever you do, do not plead.  With all the sternness that you would assert toward a foe standing at your doorstep intent on harming you and your family state, “Pass the damned Tier 5 and do it now!”, not a word more, just hang up the phone.  If you do not have a phone and intend to send an email instead, let it contain only those words with three exclamation points.  Do it!  Show them in no uncertain terms that we are angry and united.

In order for this blast of righteous indignation to succeed it is absolutely essential that it comes from as many individuals as is possible.  This means make every effort to go to every web site pertaining to 99ers and the Tier 5 extension and tell our brothers and sisters that they must either unite in this common cause or prepare for a long cold winter.  If we do not unite and let them know that we have had all that we’re going to take; we, our children, and our grandchildren are doomed.  Will who we were, who we are, and who we might have become be consumed in the eternal fires of despotism?  If so, we will have betrayed every sacrifice our ancestors made to bring us and them into the present.

I do not implore you; I tell you.  Make the calls and send the emails.  It will produce a result.

On Tuesday if everyone has done as I have said when I watch the morning mainstream news I will either hear talk of passing the Tier 5 legislation indicating that the power structure does not want to find out how we intend to address them if the demand is not met or I will hear a continuance of the debate over the extension of tax cuts for the rich indicating that it is not only their intent to never pass Tier 5 but also to allow Tier 4 to expire as they want to see riots and anarchy in our streets on Christmas day this year.

If they want riots and anarchy, then we do not, as we do not want to cut off our noses to spite our faces.  I would much rather take action that will allow us to cause them such grief as they  could never  have imagined possible.  We must continue to hold the moral high ground.  Do this or your grandchildren will urinate on your graves condemning your lack of courage and initiative speaking in Mandarin Chinese.

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