No Mention of 99ers or Tier 5 Unemployment Extension

First Published 9-11-10

Before we get in to the issue of today’s topic, I feel I am bound by my conscience to address the actions of the psychotic, Florida preacher, that we in the know label a distraction.  This story has been up front and prominent in the main stream media all this week.  The fact is it shouldn’t have made it passed the local newspaper.   Thankfully our first amendment right to freedom of speech remains somewhat intact.  However there are exceptions.  .  Although it is a euphemism, I’m sure most or all of you have heard the saying, “You can’t shout fire in a crowded theater”.  The essence of the meaning of this phrase is absolute law as it is described in the Supreme Court decision in reference to Schenck v. United States.  Justice Holmes’ ruling, while writing for a unanimous majority, in this case is described in part as follows:

Holmes wrote of falsely shouting fire, because, of course, if there were a fire in a crowded theater, one may rightly indeed shout “Fire!”; one may, depending on the law in operation, even be obliged to. Falsely shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theater, i.e. shouting “Fire!” when one believes there to be no fire in order to cause panic, was interpreted not to be protected by the First Amendment.

The First Amendment holding in Schenck was later overturned by Brandenburg v. Ohio, which limited the scope of banned speech to that which would be directed to and likely to incite imminent lawless action (e.g. a riot). The test in Brandenburg is the current High Court jurisprudence on the ability of government to proscribe speech after that fact. Despite Schenck being limited, the phrase “shouting fire in a crowded theater” has since come to be known as synonymous with an action that the speaker believes goes beyond the rights guaranteed by free speech, reckless or malicious speech, or an action whose outcomes are blatantly obvious.”

(Source: Wikipedia)

As I said this has been blown way out of proportion.  The following is what should have occurred:  the county sheriff upon learning of the psycho’s publically announced intensions should have driven over to the church, arrested him for attempting to incite violence, cuffed and stuffed him, and took him to jail.  After the court would have convicted him, as I can see no defense for his actions (I am not an attorney but this seems blatantly obvious), the judge should have then sentenced him to as many days in jail as it took for the fascist nut to write the statement, “We do not burn books in America,” 10,000 times.

Okay, got that off my chest.  Now the issue at hand:  President Obama held a press conference today covering a variety of issues, one of which was the keeping of tax cuts for the middle class, those families making under $250,000 a year. That I support.

Now let’s take some other facts into consideration.  All small businesses making between $250,000 and $100 million per year will see a 10% tax increase.  This coupled with numerous new state taxes which have been imposed on them over the last year, on top of the enormous cost they are going to incur in paying for Obama care, will bankrupt their businesses and as a consequence millions of American workers will join the ranks of the unemployed.

Those businesses making $100 million to $100 billion per year will likely suffer no effect as the moneys they are taxed are promptly funneled back to them via the grant system, as they are the private interests which run our public institutions.  Now for those making $100 billion to infinity, well those people own foundations and pay no taxes.

Just as the bursting of the housing bubble and the bail outs have been used to hack a huge chunk out of the lower tiers of the middle class (that’s us 99ers) this legislative policy will hack a large chunk out of the lower tiers of our small business industry.

This is a continuance of the deliberate destruction of our country, which was started by George W. Bush, and has been continued by Barack Obama without losing step.

President Obama also addressed that which as I explained in my opening statement should have been a non issue, the burning of the Koran.  Frankly I do not care if President Obama is a Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, or Scientologist.  What I do care about is his furtherance of the international corporate mafia’s agenda and the fact that he doesn’t seem to possess the ability to speak without lying.

Now to what President Obama was not questioned about and did not address:  The 99ers and the Tier 5 unemployment extension legislation.  People, we have to face the cold hard facts.  They are as follows.  One day you are working and making a good living.  The next day you are unemployed.   The day after that you file for unemployment.  Two week later you receive your first check.  Ninety-eight weeks later you become a 99er and find out that you have been thrust into the ranks of the poor who are dispossessed, disenfranchised, and civilly dead.  In short, you cease to exist.

This situation can not be allowed to continue.  Understand, they think that poor equates to ignorant, but nothing could be farther from the truth, which is a lesson they are getting ready to learn the hard way.  All we need is communication and solidarity in our cause.  This we can accomplish and when we do they will be forced to recognize us and reinstate our rights as we will have become an army that can or cannot as the circumstances dictate, become an armed army.

Let’s just do it, enough is enough, and don’t forget about Monday.  Call or email your so called representatives and demand in no uncertain terms, “Pass the damned Tier 5 and do it now!”

Those of you who have been following my articles have read the term, “international corporate mafia” many times.  In my next few articles I intend to introduce you to some of the more prominent members of their organization so that you may come to hate and despise them as I do.  Stay tuned.

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