Idiocy Abounds

Maine Republic – by Anna von Reitz

I am amazed but not amused to receive all these joyous rumormill announcements about the “Global Reset” and how we shall all soon be “millionaires” and how America is going to “lead the way” into this new era of ” prosperity and abundance”.

Are all those sending these message around the globe completely mad? Dumbed down to the extent that they cannot easily calculate the affect of giving everyone “millions of dollars” all at once? and  
Any such fiat digital “money” masquerading as a “US Dollar” will be rendered useless overnight.
As it was in Weimar Germany, it will be here. It will cost a million such “dollars” for a loaf of bread.
And you think this is something to celebrate?
Did your Mothers drop you all on your heads?
The long planned and announced “devaluation” of the so-called “dollar” and the end of the fiat money system is right on schedule. It will be brought about by hyper-inflation created when the banks flood every bank account with millions of meaningless digits.
And what does it cost these banks to place digits in accounts? A few key strokes? And you think that this is meaningful? You think it is anything but another act of venal, destructive, self-interested fraud?
Wake to hell up out of your greedy dreams and hear the birds singing.
(1) Any such “dollars” will be worthless.
(2) Anyone using them will be complicit in the fraud.
(3) This will be the “excuse” the perpetrators of the fraud will use to hunt you down and steal your property.
Call them on it now before they even start the gimmick and get yourselves out of their “Dodge”.

3 thoughts on “Idiocy Abounds

  1. Yep, everyone was a millionaire in Zimbabwe during their super-hyper inflation as well…I’d say at this point the psychos are now using Venezuela as a test case as to what is going to happen worldwide, but if they think completely worthless dollars will solve anything even for them…well they are psychos so I am not holding my breath.

  2. Yea it reminds me of going to Bali and paying 10,000 Rupiah for a few oranges or a t-shirt. Yet they all live in huts. Not so rich from my perspective.

  3. Want to be a billionaire? I made it, and you can to. This is my secret, don’t tell anyone. Step 1 open an eBay account. Step 2 bid on the zimbabwa dollar dinomination of your choice. And for a couple of USD, you can a 50 bilionaire dollar owner like me.

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