Ilaria Pappa: 31-year-old Italian professor dead three weeks after AstraZeneca viral vector shot

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ISCHIA, ITALY — AstraZeneca continues its crimes against humanity as yet another young victim dies from blood clots.

Mrs. Ilaria Pappa was a professor at Istituto Statale D’ Istruzione Superiore Cristofaro Mennella (“Menella Institute”). She received the first dose of the Oxford-AstraZeneca viral vector shot on February 28, according to Everything seemed fine until she got ill two weeks later. The 31-year-old professor went to Cardarelli Hospital on March 16. Doctors worked tirelessly to figure out what was wrong.

Her condition worsened on March 18, prompting a transfer to the neurosurgery ward at Neapolitan hospital. She was placed into a medically-induced coma on March 20 after suffering a ischemic stroke. But it was too late. She died just after 10 p.m. Tuesday night. The school announced the death via Facebook.

Doctors said she developed a thromboembolism. Note anytime you see the word “embolism,” that means blood clots. The Oxford-AstraZeneca shot has been suspended in numerous countries. It’s unclear why it’s still on the market at all. Several people have died in Italy after the AstraZeneca shots.

Mrs. Pappa was married to Salvadore Meglio, who is also a professor at the school.

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2 thoughts on “Ilaria Pappa: 31-year-old Italian professor dead three weeks after AstraZeneca viral vector shot

  1. Fascinating, you would think a Professor, doctorate type would do a modicum of research into these things and not beholden to the peer pressures of globalist megalomaniacal psychopaths, admitted eugenicist hell bent on seriously reducing the human populations.

    And yet, what do we see, a huge majority of these types of individuals, with multiple degrees in various disciplines lining up and falling for this obvious hoax, charade….fkn Obvious…

    Clearly they will willingly strip naked and line up against the wall and await their promised bullet to the back of their heads when they are ordered to do so.

    Just shocking what fear can do to otherwise, distrusting, measured, investigative scientific minds…..

    Oh well, fk um, don’t need um.

    1. To be totally honest Norm. I got a degree in Engineering Physics from Oregon State in 1980. An MD from USC in 1984. And finished an Anesthesiology Residency in 1987. I saw the BS that Big Pharma would do. Waiting for a patent to expire because a new anesthetic liquid/gas, with a Fluoride atom in place of a Chloride atom, that was better in every aspect related to aesthetic ease of use, needed further study. And you know they discovered at exactly the same time. Amazingly, as soon as the patent ran out on the first one, the new, much more expensive, and better liquid/gas was approved. That’s shitty, immoral, fraudulent and unethical. But no patients were injured by that. It was obvious at the time. Since then, the psychopaths have taken over. They don’t give two shits whether millions of people are harmed or die because they release a toxic drug. That they knew was toxic, but milked the system and unsuspecting patients, for money grubbing greed, as long as they could. I’ve done the research you mention. There is no f**king way that I, nor any of my family will get any o these “gene therapy” shots. So…not everyone with high level science degrees is ignorant of what is happening. However, to be honest, before the occurrence in 9-01? I would probably have gone along with it. Everything changed that day about my view of the world. Including the history of nearly everything I was taught since kindergarten.

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