Impeach and Arrest the Insurgent Barack Obama

Republican strategist Jack Burkman, appearing on FOX Business Freedom Watch, discussed the mainstream propagandists’ reasons for ignoring presidential candidate Ron Paul.  He said that the mainstream media had become a part of the two party system and that they didn’t want anything to change because they have become insiders within the two parties, and that if Paul became president they would no longer have their comfortable position in reporting the phony party lines as a part of the team.

People this is the future of our country we are talking about and these mainstream propaganda traitors should be jailed.  It is supposed to be an FCC requirement that all broadcasts serve the public good.  How is manipulating the presidential campaign through lies and deceit to be considered as for the public good?  Everyone at the FCC should be jailed.

Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat AKA that Dirty Treasonous Son of a Bitch has perpetrated yet another act of insurrection, granting so called back door amnesty to 2 million illegal alien criminals who broke our laws coming to our country and are now visibly eating out our substance in taking our desperately needed jobs, weakening our educational system, and depleting our safety net.

The Rat has taken our right to representation.  We tell our so called representatives, “No amnesty.”  They refuse to enact amnesty.  So Barry the Treasonous Scumbag, as chief law enforcement agent for the United States of America, is ordering the IMF not to enforce our laws.

How many high crimes and misdemeanors does it take to cause the impeachment of an illegal alien Manchurian candidate?  If our Congress does not file for impeachment proceedings against Barack Hussein Obama then they must be considered complicit to that treason.  And I mean each and every goddamn one of them, including Congressman Ron Paul, to whom I would say, “You are a United States Congressman and you are aware of this treasonous act.  If you do not move for an impeachment then I cannot believe in your proclamation to enforce our Constitution when you become president.”

The president of these United States is not a dictator, yet he is dictating.  If Ron Paul does not take him to task for this blatant complicity to this blatant illegal invasion into our country, then I will not vote for Ron Paul.  In fact I will not vote at all as my vote will have become meaningless and I must face the fact, which is the only way we are getting our Republic back under our Constitution is through a revolutionary war.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Henry,

    Google should be hung by their toes as well. What they are doing to this web-site is treason in itself. They are going as far as to show rigged analytic numbers. No way can those numbers be correct.

  2. Everything that Barky wanted and could not get through Congress, he did anyway.
    Couldn’t get crap and tax, so put EPA out with new regulations that will close down 20% of our coal plants. Our cost for electricity will rise substantially. At least that is one campaign promise he kept. “under my plan electricity costs will necessarily skyrocket”.
    Could not get amnesty, so now with his executive order signed just before jetting off to the vineyards, 300,000 illegals who are ready to be processed for deportation will be allow to stay with “work permits’. Opening the door for millions more.
    Fast and Furious alone should be grounds for impeachment and criminal prosecution. But no, the big shots in Arizona who ran the program got promoted. Hundred if not thousands of Mexicans and 2 border control agents are dead because of the over 2,000 guns allowed to walk across the border. Hundreds more crimes and death within the US are commited using these guns. This was done so that Holder and Obama could show that American guns were showing up in Mexico so they could try to negate our 2nd Amendment rights.
    What will it take for Americans to rise up and do something about the sociopaths who are running our country?

  3. Ron Paul does not attempt to introduce articles of impeachment for Obama because he realizes that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.He has the further realization that with the exception of himself and damn few others in congress they’re all in the same glass house.Dr. Paul is a legitamate contender to unseat tyrant Obama in 2012.How might this appear to the shrinking but still far to great number of ignorant Americans who may otherwise pick up and carry the torch of the informational revolution between now and 2012? Furthermore,where is our responsibility as American citizens?Perhaps what we need to do is organize peaceful and informed marches both locally and nationally and demand impeachment and an immediate return to constitutional government for ourselves.It is after all our government and our constitution.Don’t lay this on Ron Paul’s doorstep at this crucial moment in American and World history.Inform yourselves Don’t talk tough and then hide behind Ron Paul.I perceive that his his courage and wisdom far surpasses your own.

    1. carl Hammel,
      You might be a man of such low quality that you see others as surpassing you in intelligence and aptitude, however I am not. I do not consider Dr. Paul or anyone else as my better. I supported Dr. Paul back in 2008 when we the people sent him millions of dollars, and then he turned around and took a powder on us.
      If Ron Paul wants to lead my country he had goddamn better well be in opposition to this illegal invasion, and if he wants my vote and my support as an internet advocate, he needs to address the issue.
      When Obama orchestrated the invasion of Libya, Dr. Paul came out and condemned the action as unconstitutional and illegal under international law, which made it easy to advocate for him as a man of principle.
      This recent act of stripping we the people of our representation through executive order is likewise unconstitutional. If Dr. Paul does not speak out against it, many will assume that he has no problem with this constitutional violation.
      If I and the people reading this site are considered somehow inferior in the social scheme of things, lending to your suggestion that we should keep our mouth shut and follow Dr. Paul blindly, we are no better than the glassy eyed morons, with tears running down their faces, chanting “yes we can” at Obama’s inauguration.
      Mind you, if Dr. Paul becomes president of these United States, he will be my servant and employee, not my ruler, as I and every other legal citizen of this country are individual freeman citizens the united States of the Americans. And each one of us is the sovereign of this country and on a par with the crowned heads of Europe.
      In short, I do not bend a knee, avert my eyes, or hold my tongue for any man.
      Dr. Paul needs to come forth and condemn this unconstitutional action, otherwise his proclamation for our Constitution lies open to claims of hypocrisy.
      In other words, is he for our Constitution verbatim for every citizen or only for select portions that benefit a select group?
      Do not ever come on this site again and pretend to judge me. I promise if you do, it will be your last time.

  4. I am WITH Henry Shivley in basically EVERYTHING he’s posted re impeaching “the one” Barack Hussein Obama EXCEPT the part where he refers to the “g-d’m” congressmen who ought to be on board with Obama’s impeachment; let’s leave the cursing to the Demonratic viles who populate Obama’s party, of which HE Obama is head. No need to descend to their level. But HELL YEAH, let’s get a thousand patriotic activists (or more) to go to D.C. & perhaps INSIST as citizens of this country, as Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, Tea-partiers, etc., to have a face-to-face with our ELECTED PRESIDENT WHO WORKS FOR US and politely DEMAND his immediate OUSTER AS OUR PRESIDENT. For if we the people ELECTED him, then it follows we can UNELECT him and, once again, by politely demanding that he GO or be arrested for INCOMPETENCE, or any of the FORMAL reasons for his impeachment, i,e, TREASON, BRIBERY, HIGH CRIMES or MISDEMEANORS. Anyone else on board with that idea? Let’s HEAR FROM YOU—GOD BLESS ALL, MARKRITE

    1. MARKRITE,
      Sorry if I offended you but to pretend that people do not cuss is naive. I would just bet you that during those meetings between Obama and company and Boehner and company, far harsher language was used on both sides.
      The false left-right paradigm is the problem. We are not Republicans. We are not Democrats. We are the American people of the American race. We are sick and disgusted with political parties in this country of every flavor.
      It is simple. We want our laws enforced and in order for those laws to be enforced, Obama has to be impeached and a lot of those Senators and Congressmen will have to be jailed for their treason they committed in receiving bribes from the international corporate mafia and allowing them to steal our wealth and abuse us.
      We need to sweep the table clean. Hopefully Ron Paul will prove worthy of leading us to that end.

      1. You beat me to it, Henry. I was thinking of my response. It doesn’t sound like his Red Pill has kicked in quite yet.
        MARKRITE, with VERY few exceptions, they ALL need to be replaced. It’s not about “Parties.”

      2. Henry, you must be reading my mind. When I was replying to a post the other day on this site, the gist of my reply was ” why isn’t anyone in our Govt. going after this treasonous, Commie fraud and impeaching him ? ” Then I thought to myself, ” am I including Ron Paul in that statement ? ” Well, he is a Congressman, so why isn’t he going after this SOB who is ripping up our Constitution and flushing it down the toilet ? Hell, he could eliminate his biggest opponent, and rid the country of this nightmare Presidency, without even having to run against him. Henry, I’m really fucking confused. I thought Ron Paul was the real deal. We aren’t being sucker punched with this guy, are we ? Excuse me for sounding paranoid, but could he actually be an elaborate CIA sleeper hoax, to trick us into voting for someone they want elected ? Obama II, The Sequel. I JUST CANNOT UNDERSTAND HOW THIS CRIMINAL, LYING-ASS, KENYAN SCUMBAG IS STILL HOLDING OFFICE. Am I losing my 99er mind, or is everybody else crazy ?!!

        1. Clark,
          For that matter why in hell didn’t McCain ask any clear and pointed questions during the “debate”? (Pussy!)

          Why did the paid off boxer go down in the second round from an average punch?

          This is the biggest crock of crap in the history of the country and anybody who falls for it deserves whatever they get. Trouble is…we get it too! I guess that makes us “collateral damage”?

  5. I agree with Henry! Just look how bad things have gotten in just four decades! This country has been raped of its wealth and we, the citizens of this country have been labeled as “surplus population” and basically told to suffer and die! Look at all the tent cities popping up all over the country. Is that how you want to end up? I am myself a 99er, out of work for over two years now and I am tired of watching everything I ever worked for be taken away from me! We have all (well, at least those with some interest in American history) read the famous “Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death” speech given by Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775. The ending of that speech puts it best for me: “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

    1. Raymond,

      Yes indeed! There is no living without liberty…only existing. If our liberty is taken away and cannot be recovered there will simply be nothing left to lose. This simply must not happen.

  6. Henry,
    Like I’ve said before………… Their gonna split the vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Watch………….because it’s gonna happen!
    There’s only one way out of this mess, and I’m sure that you know what that is brother.

    As much as I hate to say it……….Perry will probably win the election. Or Obama will take the seat again! (With a split vote)
    My vote as of now is going to Ron Paul.
    I sure hope that we’re all up to it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. lock-n-load,

      Any other vote is an admission of submission. Of course you are not off target with your comments and we cannot know what he will do or even be able to do as president but we can be damn sure what the other “candidates” stand for. As for me….I’ll go with the long shot on this one and just go all in. What’s to lose at this point? If Paul can’t positively impact the situation who can? The least we can do is vote for him.

      Remember the “crazy” Irishman in Braveheart? Not so crazy was he?

  7. Brian,
    I’m with you. I’m going all in on Ron Paul for sure. I just pray to God that we pull it off. If we don’t…………. We’re in deep shit to say the least. I just wish that these bastards in the media would publish the truth and give him the recognition that he deserves. It just shows how scared they really are. Hopefully the American public can see through the BS.

    The “crazy Irishman”….. I love that guy! I happen to be Irish on my Dads side and Scottish on my mothers side. When I’m bored I just get into a fight with myself. Just kidding!!!

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