0 thoughts on “Is Ron Paul's Revolution Now At Hand?

          1. I know…just playing with words…This is so completely wacko the only way I can deal with it is humor…Sorry…these people belong in a freakin’ nuthouse under treatment.

          1. Mark,
            This is the behavior of a person who has abandoned all concern for how others may perceive his actions. Beyond that trying to theorize as to what that means I would honestly have no idea. It is way beyond anything I can even imagine.

            Did we fall down the rabbit hole?

          2. Brian-

            No I don’t believe we all have fallen. Speaking for myself, I must repeat what I said earlier. After reading Henry’s post at the earlier site, the light bulb went off over my head. I looked around and it took about 2.5 seconds to crawl out of that rabbit hole. Now, I don’t sleep anymore……..

          3. Nor do I, Mark…not normally. I feel like a hunted animal and my only offense is running out of money and not having any idea..for the first time in my life, I might add….how to approach the problem. I can’t understand why anyone would want to not be productive and self sufficient because to not be so is a living death.

            I ask this question for consideration:

            Why, in the United States of America, should finding gainful employment or boot strapping an entrepreneurial venture be a problem for any intelligent, articulate and life experienced born citizen?

            This situation is intolerable and should be the most outstanding issue of grave concern for every American.

            When I refer to the “rabbit hole” I refer to the surreality I see around me. It is as if I have awakened IN a nightmare rather than FROM one.

  1. Whoever that gray-haired wench is, I’d love to backhand her right across the face! Where do these wicked witches that keep defending the status quo keep coming from? If the country took the money wasted on all the current wars and distributed it among the American people, there would still be plenty left over to wipe out the national debt. Anyone who is opposed to Ron Paul should go throw themselves in front of a speeding truck because their corrupt mind is too far gone to be of any benefit to this country.

    1. Ray,

      I think they conjure them from the ghosts of British Victorian school marms. Now let’s just take our seats, people!

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