The most important video you’ll ever watch

Strawman and Common Law; Lawful vs Legal, Law Land vs Law Sea. This video should be shared with all common sense people who are not hypocrites and liars benefitting from the fraud of Government Lucifarian slight of hand.

Published on Dec 12, 2016 by Casey’s DAD

This is invaluable information and it also explains things people always thought were wrong with society but couldn’t explain what it was.

4 thoughts on “The most important video you’ll ever watch

  1. The narrator spoke of the income tax in England. I know nothing about England’s income tax, but I do know about Americas income tax and that is unless one earns their lively hood in some capacity of the fed. govt, they owe no tax. Now this knowledge was lost many yrs ago, but found again back in
    2003 by Pete Hendrickson and his book, Cracking the Code.
    The income tax in our country is constitutional, the question is, to whom does it apply? I recommend anyone still allowing, out of ignorance, the product of their labor to be kept back, to read the book, it will blow your mind, then take action on your new found knowledge and file properly, which is a self assessment of whether or not you participated in a federally connected privilege.

  2. sorry, i do not see anything about the jfk speech. that video, i started sending to people five years ago.
    The millennial and the particularity the older generation now question msm fact. It is like looking back on pink floyd or the beatles lyrics and determining what they meant at the time.
    jfk was taken out for his cult of personality. He wanted to end the way things were and are to this day. sorry to say we have seen what that can entail. historically people of this intelligence, musical talent, or popularity have met an untimely death. i am sure that you can name a few.
    you do not need to narrate his speech.only listen to what he was saying. it is a long one, so most sheeple are not accustomed to intelligent thought. they see idiots repeating teleprompter speeches with handlers telling them what to say in an earpiece. then they watch spinny things on the local and national news about taylor swift, kardashians, whoever it is this week and look at it in the grocery.
    it is getting better in the real world! I am hearing it.

    1. Gov speaks to the GP at the lowest common denominator.
      They must because they have “educated” the GP to the lowest common denominator for numerous decades.

      as long as indoctrination lives tyranny flourishes

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