My interest in this article is not about the ET/alien/UFO woowoo, the little psyop intended to disgust us and turn us away from reading the important information: the global plans for increasing nuclear fission power plants, outlined in the excerpt below, which explains the illegal and unlawful BLM land grabs in uranium-rich western states.

Geo-Politics – by by eClinik Learning

About a week ago, the agency that’s been running after people with deep knowledge about occult science has finally released thousands of their X-files dating back 70 years ago.   Continue reading “US Military Free Energy & CIA UFO Disclosures Are Here”

Health Impact News

A 17 year old boy is dead, and his mother wants answers. The answers that Dawn Van Ballegooyen has been given by the state of South Dakota don’t make sense to her, and her mother’s intuition tells her that somebody is covering up what really happened to her son, Brady Alan Folkens, while he was in state custody.   Continue reading “Healthy 17 Year Old Dies Shortly After South Dakota Takes Custody Away from Mother”

Jim Stone Freelance

The zika scam is falling apart, because Brazilians have proven it is not zika causing the birth defects. So the people who caused the problems to begin with are now toe dipping various scenarios in the hope one of them that is not the real truth gains a foothold in the public conscience.   Continue reading “New line: It’s not zika, it is a mosquito Gates released, OOPS, no, it is not that, it is an STD!”

Health Impact News

Mark and Jill Baker of Bakers Green Acres have announced they are closing and selling their 80 acre family farm in Northern Michigan. Their markets for their Mangalitsa Hogs have been “roadblocked at every corner,” according to Mark. Mark says,

There are entities that are working behind the scene that are destroying our market and really running very negative campaigns against us. We’re just a family farm. They’re spending far more money to do it than we would ever make.

Continue reading “Michigan DNR Forces Closure of Family-run Heritage Hog Farm”

Activist Post – by Derrick Broze

John Trudell, an American Indian poet, actor, spoken word artist, and political activist well-known for his involvement with the radical Red Power movement of the 1960s and 1970s, died on Tuesday. After a battle with cancer, Trudell died in Santa Clara County, located in Northern California, at the age of 69.

John Trudell’s estate released the following statement on his death:   Continue reading “American Indian Activist, Poet John Trudell Passes On”

WY_FoodFreedom_StatueOfLiberty_SI0047Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund – by Pete Kennedy

The Wyoming Food Freedom Act (WFFA), which became law on March 3, has set the bar high for efforts at similar legislation elsewhere in the United States of America. Under the WFFA, the production and sale within Wyoming of any food except meat products by a producer direct to the “informed end consumer” is not subject to licensing or inspection. Poultry falls under the WFFA and is not included in the definition of meat products.

The only requirement of the WFFA is “the producer shall inform the end consumer that any food product or food sold at a farmers market or through ranch, farm or home based sales pursuant to this section is not certified, labeled, licensed, packaged, regulated or inspected.”   Continue reading “The Breakthrough in Wyoming”

Jack Bernstein

I’m unable to find even a birth date, or date of death for Jack Bernstein other than “some years” after he wrote The Life of an American Jew…. I found one forum comment that he had been shot, but it had no verifying reference.

“Bernstein finally left Israel and wrote the books “My Farewell to Israel: The Thorn in the Mideast”. Shortly after he was assassinated by Israeli Mossad.”   Continue reading “Bernstein, Carr, Dual Citizenship”

The Onion [Satire]

VATICAN CITY—Saying he’s appeared uneasy and distracted while delivering masses in recent days, Vatican insiders reported Wednesday that His Holiness Pope Francis is “getting pretty anxious” about his upcoming annual performance review with God.

Francis, who is employed as Vicar of Christ, Successor to the Throne of Saint Peter, and Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church, is required by Vatican workplace guidelines to meet at least once a year with his immediate superior, God, and participate in an official evaluation of his strengths and weaknesses on the job, a formality of the position that, by all accounts, has led to a bout of nerves for the pope.   Continue reading “Pope Nervous For Annual Performance Review With God”

Town of Scituate, Massachusetts

The Fire Chief/Emergency Management Director, with support of the Chief of Police, has made the determination that power will be shut off to selected streets along low-lying, flood-prone areas as a precautionary measure. This decision was based in part on the fires in December  2010 which were caused by an inability to shut power off after a house fire had started and an arcing wire jumped to an adjacent home (see photo below). Two homes were lost as result. The situation created by the live electrical lines in the house posed a grave threat to the firefighters who battled the blaze in chest-high water.   Continue reading “Power Shut Off for Selected Coastal Streets Effective 10:00 P.M. 1/26/15”