Internet Radio Host Pete Santilli Revealed as FBI Informant

Published on Oct 30, 2013 by Vincent Eastwood



Article By Susanne Posel:…

Search Operation outruck:…

Operation outruck removed:

FBI Press release regarding Daphne Hearn:…


To: FBI Field Office
Company: FBI Sacremento
FAX NUMBER: 9169772300
FROM: Peter Santilli
DATE: 2013-10-28 21:31:11 GMT

You assured me that this would not happen and I would not be made out to be the scapegoat. That is what is currently happening as I am being attacked on all fronts now. Where is my protection? YOU NEED TO UPHOLD YOUR END! I am losing viewership instead of gaining as was assured by Daphne Hearns. You said Susan would not be incriminated in this and now she is. Why won’t you answer my calls? This is beyond pathetic at this point. You do this to everyone in trouble and you leave them out to burn. I am not the one for this type of game. We are both on the verge of being outed and need your help now.

I need to speak with someone asap before they really come after me and my family. They are issuing death threats and posting personal information any my addresses. they have been in and out of my systems and i dont know what they have at this point. They could have all the docs and I cant even verify this. Yes I was supposed to delete but I need to protect myself as is being shown now. I thought someone was going to verify what has been comprimised. This has gone to far and I need real assistance to get me out of this mess. They have anoymous organizations attacking me and I am running out of people to blame. And I assure you if I get found out you get found out. I will use my show to broadcast MY version of everything that you approached me and forced me into this position. I swear to god if someone doesnt get back to me now I will NOT lose my show over this!

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11 thoughts on “Internet Radio Host Pete Santilli Revealed as FBI Informant

  1. Well…what else would you expect from someone who was groomed by Alex (The Great) Jones (sarcasm intended)? Just another scumbag with *his* name on his own branch of the tree in my front yard.

    1. Hopefully it is a live oak. Some of these traitors have been eating pretty good. They might break anything less.

  2. In addition, I most definitely do not trust Bobby Powell – who is trying to make a name for himself currently.

    1. SCV, I’ve never heard of him but, if you say you don’t trust him, that’s good enough for me. I won’t go looking for him to find out.

  3. The “rats” are getting bolder & aren’t afraid of the daylight. That should be a heads-up that some type of sh!t is getting ready to go down. This intentional revelation could be one of the many tactics are aimed at demoralizing & confusing the Patriots of America.

  4. Someone needs to question why Susanne is? Find out if he husband works for a major Agenda 21 company? And why is she consistently ratting people out? Causing infighting in the movement? She was best buds with him when she suddenly appeared in 2012. Question everything! Just sayin ….

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