Iran executes spies working for CIA, Mossad

Iran executes two spies who worked for the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Israeli spy agency, the Mossad. (File photo)Press TV

Iran has executed two spies who worked for the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Israeli spy agency, the Mossad.

The two men, who were sentenced to death by Tehran™s Revolutionary Court, were hanged at dawn on Sunday.  

The Mossad agent, identified as Mohammad Heidari, had been found guilty of collecting classified information about Iran and providing the intelligence to the Israeli spy agency in the course of several meetings outside the Islamic Republic.

Heidari had received sums of money from the Mossad in return for the acts of espionage.

The other spy, Kourosh Ahmadi, was convicted of contacting CIA agents and providing them with intelligence on various issues about Iran.


5 thoughts on “Iran executes spies working for CIA, Mossad

  1. Good for Iran! We should do the same to Pollard here and all the other Israeli spies we’ve found. I believe Wurmser was cuaght in the Pentagon scnadal too? Hang them all and boot the rest of the Israeli dual citizens out of our governemnt and out of our country,

    1. JFK attempted to have israel listed as a foreign agent/land. for all their covert activities being committed even back then. the ruthless conspracy he spoke of was xionist influence that was starting to poke its head into every part of the world at that time. it is too bad that no-one in this crim-fed-gov has the cohoney’s to do the same. we would find out 2 things quickly: who all srealhell’s compatriots were, and who are all the traitor/ploticians we have in the crim-fed-gov. the latter is pretty plain to see even now, for all the brown-noser mossad loving idf dual citizens we have in our country.

    1. She was available. She tried fanatically to get to Iran to save her cohorts. She got wedged in the Straights of Hormuz…thereby missing the execution AND shutting off tanker traffic for 24 hrs. Fortunately the U.S.Navy was playing wargames nearby and managed to free her. When asked by media how the feat was accomplished Rear Admiral Delwood “Cooter” Watson replied “There is no problem too big that a sufficient amount of strategically placed high explosives cannot solve” When asked to elaborate as to where the explosives were placed to dislodge the portly matron from her predicament the Rear Admiral declined to comment citing Naval decorum protocol.


    Looks like Iran is 2 up on us in the traitor/spy/Ziopig/commie hanging department.

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