15 thoughts on “IRS Admits to Congress TAX is Voluntary!

  1. Time for a Financial Market Shell Game! Find the GOLD and you WIN! Is it under Cup One, Two or Three? Make your bet.
    OK, Cup ONE – NOPE – You lose.
    OK, CUP TWO – NOPE – You lose.
    I’ll Take Cup THREE! – Nope You LOSE too!
    The winner is the DEALER, and there was never any Gold :).

  2. Housing market is going down but again Wall St. ignores it. Never seen a time when stocks were so disconnected from fundamentals. Quote from comments Kitco ITS GOING TO GET WOR$E FAST!!!!!!!!

      OUT IN PUBLIC……… SO dissapeared probably in a bunker WAITING FOR SOME NUKES!! THEY AND ANYONE ELSE WILL BE DEALT WITH VIA HANGING OR FIRING SQUAD!!!!! READY TO FIGHT!! I Will sleep now …. good nightmares

  3. That’s why I say we have no hope for change except by force. This country has been taken over by corrupt politicians!!! PAID PROFESSIONAL LIARS!!!

  4. try telling your employer there’s no need to deduct from your check.. EVERYTHING they do is FRAUD and DECEIT backed by FORCE. I got my master plumber certification in 2001. my last business license in 2009. I CANNOT do big jobs because I can’t get a PERMIT because I’m not LICENSED.. I haven’t renewed my plumbing card since 09 as well. it’s either 125 or 175$ A YEAR.. why do I have to pay every year to maintain that I passed a test in 2001? all of these are taxes.. no tax is voluntary and all tax is theft. PERIOD. of course they know all this. true story.. a federal judge here in Birmingham had me bid a job for him and i told him I couldn’t get a permit because I don’t ask the government for permission to go to work.. you’ll love this Henry.. he’s from Africa!! swear to god! Nigeria or Kenya.. I forget.. hell googlit.. I’m sure you can find out.. google IRS agent Joe Banister.. see what they did to him when he went digging for the “Law” stating you gotta pay taxes.. and he worked for them!!

      1. thank you.. I couldn’t remember her name and i didn’t wanna say.. some black woman.. was she the one that thought she was gonna win the 50k$?? if so.. yes. her and Joe..

  5. I ain’t gave them shit for a long time.
    In fact told them to fk off.
    You see, I don’t fear them
    Nor do I fear their Propaganda
    “Life is trouble, only death is not” 🙂

  6. Pay that voluntary tax or else!
    Take the jab or else!
    Stop feeding the beast, stop living in fear

  7. Firstly, consider this. Every time someone signs that tax form under penalties of perjury, they are actually committing perjury, as they are claiming to actually owe fed/state income taxes. Yet, the IRS doesn’t do anything to enforce those penalties. It’s a fear tactic, period.
    That W-4 that supposedly must be signed when taking a job starts the fraud. Try informing most companies that to actually require this form be signed upon working is illegal, and they’ll tell you to shut the door on your wait out, and don’t come back.
    If you do sign it so you can work, then file, using form 4852, “Substitute for W-2” if your pay, or some of your pay does not qualify as taxable, and yes, some “income” is taxable under certain circumstances, the IRS will send a letter asking for that W-2 from you. This defeats the entire process of filing properly, and they don’t care. Then, they’ll proceed to send letters stating they are sending your filing to some other IRS agency/location for further review, and on and on and on. Then, if you request a hearing over the phone, and they agree to the hearing, they will not respond. They’ll continue to threaten with thousands of dollars in fines, etc.. which they don’t carry through with. They are designed to motivate using fear.
    The voluntary aspect comes into play when a person actually conducts some business that involves the receipt of actual “income.” This word does not mean as most people think, everything that comes in. It is a narrowly defined term with a specific definition in their own code. Yet, they have us using that word in our world, believing it means what we are being payed for our labor.
    The situation is akin to all the other unlawful betrayals of the law, the Bill of Rights, and the jurisdictional authority of the people!

    1. taxation is fraud wrapped in deceit. loopholes are not found.. they are intentionally inserted. I’m not poo pooing or arguing anything said BUT.. because it is a fraud.. everything in and of it is a fraud so there is no way to participate in it properly. they just change the rules as they see fit. i guess I’m in a unique position. i haven’t filed state or federal since 2001 and that’s only because my wife at the time made me.. I’m self employed and am the only one affected by my actions. the travesty is the vast majority has an employer that WILL without fail deduct from their checks. seatbelts and tax evaders.. that’s all we are to them. Chattel.

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