IRS Targeted Billy Graham Ministry And Other Christian Groups

Before It’s News – by Mort Amsel

As the White House announced May 15 that acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller would resign in the wake of revelations that the tax agency had targeted conservative groups, news has surfaced that the tax-exempt status of prominent Christian organizations had also been targeted.  

Fox News reported that while President Obama announced the resignation of Miller, what he conveniently left out was the fact that, according to an official close to Miller, the IRS head was “set to resign the position of acting commissioner as of early June.” The anonymous official told Fox that Miller was planning to leave the IRS entirely a “couple of months later, regardless of the current controversy.”

Fox reported that the convenient way in which Miller was being ousted was “not mentioned by the president as he announced Wednesday evening Miller was resigning. Obama spoke following a meeting with Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew and other top department officials in which they reviewed a highly critical inspector general’s report on the practice. The report concluded poor management allowed agents to improperly target Tea Party and other groups for more than 18 months, starting in 2010.”

Im not a big fan of any church but they have rights too and they were violated.  The IRS went rogue for sure. -Mort

One thought on “IRS Targeted Billy Graham Ministry And Other Christian Groups

  1. This I don’t understand. He’s one of them, obviously, being a 33rd degree mason.

    But I guess they even eat own at times.

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