Is CERN the Only One?

Published on Aug 19, 2015 by TRUTHstreammedia

Sorry for the speculation, but after hearing this, it is a question we felt compelled to ask.

CERN we know about… at least, we know what we’re told, anyway. But statements by a “CERN insider” who claims to have first hand knowledge are raising some big questions, starting with this: Are there other large particle accelerators that we, the general public under a scientific dictatorship, don’t know about?

A lot comes to mind. Phrases like “breakaway civilization” for starters. It’d obviously be something very hard to prove, so this is obviously speculation… Still. We thought this information should be discussed and considered.

The statements were made in the video we are discussing which can be found at the link below. We are not claiming to agree with everything in this video, however, he makes some very important claims that should probably be discussed.…

3 thoughts on “Is CERN the Only One?

  1. NO, CERN in Switzerland is NOT the only particle accelerator on our planet. Thus, the ” agenda ” is distributed globally . . .

    1. The LHC isn’t even the only particle accelerator at CERN. There are several others currently still operating: linac2, linac3, PS, PSB, SPS, AD, LEIR. There have been more (LEP, ISR, Synchrocyclotron…) but they have been retired and/or dismantled.

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