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Is Everything A Hoax?!

* Jake12399

Published on Jun 18, 2016

What really happened at Columbine on day on 4/20/1999? Flat Earthers Need to know!

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4 Responses to Is Everything A Hoax?!

  1. old bat says:

    nowhere in that 911 call does it identify the call as pertaining to columbine. it could be any 911 call from anywhere. nothing in the non televised video part identifies it as having been shot at that school. i dont have a clue if that video was passed of to the public as columbine. can be taken 2 ways, a false flag, or this youtuber has scoured around for these calls/footages and is attempting to pass them off as something they are not. this does appear to be a drill, but i have no idea from what i am seeing if it was passed of as the real columbine as this youtuber is asserting.

    • tc says:

      You have some very good points, old bat.
      It’s hard to say whether this footage is from the Columbine event.
      Perhaps the youtuber thought that everyone would already be familiar with the footage and so he felt he didn’t have to include anything in his video that actually proved the footage was from Columbine.
      It was before my awakening and without combing the internet for Columbine footage it’s difficult to say.

  2. tc says:

    I wouldn’t say everything is a hoax.
    I would say that ALMOST EVERYTHING is a psy-op.
    Psy-ops designed for specific outcomes. Multi-faceted as someone used to say. Greed being just one of the many goals in the layer cake.
    We are being experimented on. Physically and mentally. And these experiments have been going on for a long time.
    I don’t know about anybody else, but I never signed up to be a lab rat, trying to maze my way through a reality that someone else designed.
    I don’t like having my chain yanked.
    It seriously pisses me off.
    It makes me very angry.
    Gonna have to do something about it!

  3. I’m with you tc. Misformation, outright lies, and everything in between seems to be the norm.

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