Is there a Peaceful Solution for Syria?

Russia, through one of its deputy foreign ministers, has declared that it will veto any United Nation resolution calling for foreign intervention in Syria as the mainstream propagandists cry outrage in response to the slaughter of 49 children.  I guess the propagandists are having a little trouble in getting the American people outraged to the point that they demand a Syrian invasion.

The thing is the propagandists have lost all credibility, which is unfortunate for the industrial war complex.  It has come to the point that when we hear that women and children have been killed, we just naturally assume it was the CIA and Mossad that did the actual killing, as the desperation of the Zionists for further invasion into the Middle East has become as blatant as the deliberate election fraud being perpetrated by the Republican Party here in the US.

For so many years our enemies have been able to con us into cutting our own throats through whispered lies and innuendo.  Now they have become like a spoiled child wanting another toy to add to the mountain of toys already in his or her room.  John McCain has reached the point that you can actually hear a whine in his voice as he is saying, “We have to do something to stop the slaughter in Syria.”

The people of the United States have become so busy at just trying to survive that the whispers are no longer reaching their ears.  And when the media finally does get their attention, the talking heads are yelling at them.

In 1994, a million innocent people were murdered in Rwanda, and no one really seemed that concerned.  To date, 9000 have been killed in Syria and these are not all innocent men, women, and children, as there are in truth two armed bodies going at each other, one, the Al Qaeda, backed by Israel and the United States, and the other, the Syrian government backed by the Russians.

So what makes a Syrian life so much more important than a Rwandan life?  Well I will tell you.  That would be their natural resources and proximity to Israel.  And the fact is the Russians see the writing on the wall.  This whole thing is about nothing more than control of Middle Eastern resources.

The people of the world have looked up and they have seen the sun and felt the breeze on their face and know that cheep energy is abundant and everywhere, just for the taking.  Admittedly the technologies for harnessing the energy are still in their infantile stage, so it will be a while before solar and wind dominate the energy market, which is to say those who are controlling the world through the control of oil know that it is only a matter of time.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m no tree hugger and would like to see America’s coal and oil used to the benefit of the American people, but that is not what is going on here.  Obama is right now looking at shutting down our coal burning electric plants, and no, not for the environment but rather to shift power on an international scale.

China is building one new coal burning electric plant per week to supply power to the US factories that are being dismantled and moved there.  Mark my words, when Obama shuts down the coal burning power plants in the US and our electricity goes up a thousand percent, the mining of coal will not cease, in fact it will accelerate.  And that coal will be shipped to China to be used in their new power plants.  The electricity will be used to power our old factories, which will be manufacturing all of our other raw resources.

You see the point here is Syria doesn’t need to be going through all this death and dying.  If they would just acquiesce and allow a government like ours to be put in place, their resources could be stolen without all this violence.  I guess they are just unreasonable people.  Too bad we are not.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

4 thoughts on “Is there a Peaceful Solution for Syria?

  1. Finally someone is seeing this issue in a true light. The zionist agenda is nothing but pure evil.

  2. This article spells it out so clearly that even the dumbest of the sheeple can understand! Too bad this kind of truthful insight will never be seen on any of the mainstream media. When judgement day comes, many of the atrocities in history will be seen for exactly what they are.

  3. The formula for peace is self-realization. The atma is not Jew or Christian or Muslim. We jivas are all non-different. Sometimes a fight is required. Sri Krsna told his friend and sisya Arjuna to fight, even though the demonic Kauravas were already dispatched by Krsna’s will.

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