Israel airstrike bombs major water line, sewage station and water wells in Gaza

Israel airstrike bombs waterlines (image from: Solidarity Movement

Israeli airstrikes bombed a major water line and sewage plant west of Gaza City, last Wednesday afternoon, which provides water to tens of thousands of citizens and is regarded as the main water line for al-Shati refugee camp west of the city.

The director of the Water Department in the Municipality of Gaza, Saad Eddin Al-Atbash stated, “Israeli aircraft targeted a sewage plant west of the city, which serves the areas of al-Shati Camp, Tel al-Hawa neighborhood, Sheikh Ajlin, and the western areas of Gaza City, which pumps 25,000 cubic meters of waste water daily to the public treatment plant.” He continued, “While the city is working on improving the water supply systems for the citizens in Gaza, Israeli forces are working on the destruction of water wells in order to increase the suffering of the citizens during the summer.”  

This waterline provides water to more than 70,000 people, and it takes several days to repair.

Bassam Al-Raee, a citizen in Gaza City, stressed that the water crisis has been going on since the beginning of the summer, indicating that the targeting of the well will make things even harder than they already were, making life even more difficult for citizens in the area.

The Gaza Strip needs about 180 million cubic meters of water per year, while renewable sources do not exceed 80 million cubic meters per year.

Israeli forces also targeted water wells yesterday (Saturday 12th July), creating a crisis and a severe shortage of water, where airstrikes directly targeted and hit the waterlines of ‘Haouz water’ in the Gaza Strip.

“The warplanes targeted two water wells, one of the wells is owned by the Islamic Society near Maqousi towers, and the other is in Zaytoon town where both water wells feed nearly 7000 people,” said Al-Atbash.

He stressed that the Israeli forces targeted more than five water-lines that are located in vital areas, pointing out that just one single water-line services more than 20,000 people.

4 thoughts on “Israel airstrike bombs major water line, sewage station and water wells in Gaza

  1. Gaddafi’s great man-made river was bombed by the US and NATO
    to keep the people oppressed. Notice how the vermin go after
    necessities of life.

  2. Israhell already had them on bare minimum rationing as it was. This is TOTALLY DESPICABLE!!! Absolutely uncalled for.


    Glass ashtray…PLEASE!!!

    1. IDF’s Gaza assault is to control Palestinian gas, avert Israeli energy crisis.
      Not about three jewish students, probably no human deaths here anyway
      but three large dogs buried/ a blogger. This invasion and massacre is
      all about stealing Palestine’s oil off of Gaza. These people are dirt
      poor and yet they lose again because of the scabies and lice that have
      infected our planet.

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