Israel cuts water to Palestinian villages

Palestinians look at water in an overflowing stream in the West Bank village of Al-Nassariyeh near Nablus, Jan. 8, 2013.Press TV

The Israeli regime has completely cut off water to Palestinian villages in the occupied West Bank, local media say.

Palestinian media reported on Monday that Israeli authorities halted the water flow to 10 villages located northwest of al-Quds (Jerusalem).   

According to reports, local Israeli officials had already imposed restrictions on the amount of water pumped to these villages.

Reports also indicated that residents were living on very small amounts of water even before the total halt of water flow.

Locals also said that hundreds of Palestinian students are also suffering from the lack of water in their schools.

The Palestinian NGO, Land Research Centre, also said in a recent report that Israeli settlers from the settlements of Yiztar and Baracha have been using water springs in the Palestinian residents of Burin in order to raise fish.

The Palestinian residents lodged a complaint with Israeli authorities, saying that the settlers use their only source of water, not only for farming but also for their leisure. This is while the Palestinian community suffers water shortages and has to pay extortionate rates for water.

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