Israhell Is Not Afraid To Attack Syria Because It Has Nukes

The Excavator – by SAMAN MOHAMMADI

Many people around the world are shocked at Israel’s outrageous behaviour towards its neighbours. They are asking the question, why is Israel bombing Syria and provoking a wider war?

The answer to this question is really simple, but it is often overlooked. Israel’s criminal leaders know that Israel does not face an existential threat from any of its neighbours because of its large stockpile of nuclear weapons. It can be aggressive towards Muslim states because it can afford to be. It has many nukes and bought-and-paid-for US power waiting in the wings.   

If Israel feels at all threatened in the future in any real way because of its criminal actions it will simply drop nukes on its neighbours. No, moral questions won’t stop them. Yes, Israel is crazy enough to do that, and on top of it, they will lie and say, “Oh, we had to nuke them out of defense. They want to wipe us out. They are anti-Semitic. We had no choice. We will not repeat the genocide of WWII. We’re so good and innocent, please don’t hurt us, please don’t hurt us.” etc, etc. You know the usual propaganda that Zionists try to sell to the world. I don’t need to rehash every lie that Israel’s insane leaders have told.

The good news is that most people would reject Israel’s explanations and justifications in the aftermath of dropping a nuke on one of its neighbours as delusional and moronic. Even the good-hearted but brainwashed people of America are catching on to Israel’s tricks. Americans are waking up, and this is the best thing to happen for the people of the Middle East and for the world. America’s dishonourable, rotten, and criminal leaders are not able to lie America into war like they could in the past (Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, El Salvador, go down the list). The age of impunity is over. The mainstream, anti-human, war-mongering media is collapsing.

So we should be hopeful. Israel won’t be able to get away with dropping a nuke on any country in the Middle East. The day Israel’s insane leaders push that button will be the day that their discredited regime collapses. And if America stands with the criminals in Israel in that event it too will find itself at the bottom of the rubble of history.

And, believe it, the maniacs who lead Israel will push that button. Don’t think for a minute that morality, global public opinion, or humanitarian reasons will stop them. Israhell’s monstrous leaders do not have a moral code. They view Muslims and Arabs as lower than animals. Killing millions of them with one blow would bring tears of joy to their eyes.

If Israel is smart it would get rid of its nuclear arsenal. Nukes are only used by defunct, blind, cowardly, and weak nations. Civilized and self-assured nations don’t need weapons like nukes, as Sir Arthur C. Clarke said.

The fact that USrael has to resort to tricks, terrorism, lies, and the threat of nukes to achieve its aims in the Middle East is all the proof in the world that it is weak and that Muslims and Arabs should not worry about their ultimate fate.

USrael is largely a terrorist entity. Somebody that uses cheap tricks, relies on deception, nukes and terrorist tactics, and provokes wars day and night is not somebody to be afraid of. You laugh at somebody like that. You don’t stand in terror of him.

4 thoughts on “Israhell Is Not Afraid To Attack Syria Because It Has Nukes

  1. Israel used a ground penetrating nuke on Damascus last weekend and so far, the Zionist owned MSM has kept a lid on that insanity.

    And their bought and paid for lackey’s in the USSA, not so great Britian and elsewhere are staying on narrative, trying to gin up phony chemical weapons charges against Syria so the Nazi American Terrorist Organization, AKA NATO, can go in and ‘liberate’ Syria like they did to LIbya, by murdering 50,000+ civilians and destorying the nation’s infrastructure.

    That too has been mostly kept off the radar, as we get immersed with stories about kidnappings, some clown named Arias and the latest scoop on Michael Jackson.

    What’s next? Israel setting off a nuclear device inside an American city, which the MSM will blame on Iran or Syria and off we go again.

  2. I think the author is missing some very important points. IT’S not the blast of a nuclear device that the most dangerous;it’s the radiation.THERFORE if this rogue state decides to nuke it’s neibour ;she would only destroying herself.ALSO there other means of dealing with ISRAEL militarily.I doubt ISRAEL would be able to withstand the type of warfare that SYRIA has endured.WITH ISRAEL’S latest act of aggression this give’s ASSAD the opportunity to open up a front on the golan to conduct such warfare.I wish him the best of luck.

  3. the Khazars in the stool sculpture deity cult compound are not even descended from the Tribe of Judah…

    furthermore a brief overview of the History of the children of Israel in the Old Testament would unocclude the “Jewish” myth that so-called Khazar “Jews” could even remotely claim to be “Israel” as Israel is a People – not a stool sculpture deity cult compound for Khazar Proselytes to Talmudic Judaism..

    .an in your face anti-Israelite “Religion” which is in fact the source of
    – Bad Faith –

    which is why Jesus allowed the “MoneyChangers & Pharisees” to convict themselves in the Temple Treasury {John 8:33} and proclaimed their ultimate destination “Homeland” – Jewtopia – would be where their Progentor is…

    the bottomless pit that is “JEWTOPIA”…i.e..HELL !

  4. “And, believe it, the maniacs who lead Israel will push that button. Don’t think for a minute that morality, global public opinion, or humanitarian reasons will stop them. Israhell’s monstrous leaders do not have a moral code.”

    Absolutely true. Anyone who doubts this statement in the slightest degree underestimates the consumate evil of this ‘chosen’ tribe.

    Satan’s chosen, NOT God’s.

    Also, I appreciate the author calling a spade a spade, at least in the title, if not the entire article.


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