It is Time to Confront the Evil Elite

Dirty Jobs, Ice Road Truckers, Deadliest Catch, Ax Men, Swamp Loggers, did anyone ever think they would see the day when we are actually paying money to watch other people work?  Is this what we have been reduced to?  I mean we are not talking about following the lives of rock stars here.  Rome is burning and Nero has taken off to Martha’s Vineyard to fiddle in a mansion that is costing we the people $50,000 per week – Air Force One, Air Force Two, the Marine Helicopter, millions a week spent providing security.

What would George Washington think?  Hell our founding fathers would already be engaged in a second revolution by now.  But everything in its time, I suppose, as more of our jobs and industry goes overseas and the only solution those masquerading as our government can offer us is a new Central American Free Trade Agreement.  I guess this will save the Hondurans the trouble of having to travel north to take our jobs.

More tax cuts for the rich corporations, I guess 5% after the loop holes does seem a little steep.  People; remember the filthy rich who make up 2% of our population and have 90% of the wealth are using every tool at their disposal in attempting to take that last 10% that we are barely surviving on.

When you hear the politicians talking about transferring more of the little wealth we have to the corporate elite, think about the gluttonous greed being displayed.  They come on our televisions daily and actually try to put forth the assertion that we have too much and are living too good.

What we have to realize is that these are the same people who have no problem watching the little children starve to death in Somalia as a consequence of their taking the wealth of the entire continent of Africa.  Understand, watching little babies dying the most hideous deaths affect them in no way.  Ask yourself, if all you had to do was settle for a trillion dollars worth of wealth and that would end the starvation and death, would you hesitate?

The international elite are monsters.  They are evil.  They are the things that nightmares are made of and yet, those who are supposed to represent we the people stand up and advocate for them.   Make no mistake, unless brought to task, these bastards would have no problem watching little American children starve to death while harboring wealth that they could not spend in a hundred lifetimes.  They are sick in the head on a par with Jeffrey Dahmer.

If the American people were not armed to the teeth I guarantee you they would be raping our women and abusing our children in ways that most of us cannot even conceive.  They are sadists and the sooner we put an end to their reign of terror the better.  All evil needs to thrive is for good people to do nothing.  Look around you, the international elite thrive to the degree that we allow them to and they are constantly pushing the envelope.

It is time to quit talking about it.  It is time to take back the Republic.  It is time to tell the world that the United States of America is the property of the American people, and we’ll suffer the abuse of the elite no longer.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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