8 thoughts on “It’s Only a Ride

  1. Hey digger thank you for posting that. I needed it. lots of things happening to me as you well know. very good perspective. Your knowledge is very important to me, and becoming more so every day.

  2. Isn’t this just right before Kermit hits a car or something and goes flying through the air and gets amnesia and starts living in his own made up matrix world of Philip Phil?

    lol Sorry to ruin the moment, there.

    Good pic anyways, Digs. lol

  3. @ 1:57PM NC 🙂 You didn`t spoil the ride at all NC, It is called karma I think isn`t it maybe. Ya know like from one reality and then zoom right into a complete Carlos Castenana – I think his name is spelled lol – “Separate Reality” 😎

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