It’s Winter! Who Knew!


A taste of the North East, first 2 pics are from January 18th, and the last one was from yesterday.  Go away winter, bring on spring!





5 thoughts on “It’s Winter! Who Knew!

  1. Hi Paul! Yes a typical New England style weather indeed. I’m still wishing for an early spring. For some reason, this winter is exhausting me!

    1. Deb
      Its doing the same to me. this winter is like it used to be all the time. of course i am a lot older now and do not tolerate it as easily, thus our interest in moving to fl. My wife Barb is truly a sunshine girl. hah The sun shine actually physically heals her. we have a south facing glassed in room but still not as good as southern sun.

  2. I think winter’s rights have not only been exacerbated but extended by executive order.On top of that I feel that the order was posthumously dictated by F.D.R.Ain’t nothin’ new to me that he’ll make a big deal out of everything.I’d like to make an individual order.Kiss my rights.

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