Janet Napolitano To be Governor of FEMA Region 10

Published on Jul 4, 2014 by TheAlexJonesChannel

Alex and Dr of Sociology Darrell Hamomoto discuss the continued attacks on freedom by the current establishment including the confiscation of guns, the abuse by and militarization of police and the intentional crash of the American system by the current waves of immigrants pouring over the Southern US Border.

11 thoughts on “Janet Napolitano To be Governor of FEMA Region 10

  1. Now, I don’t remember voting for this butch to advance her worthless
    career to another “our gov” position. Such as this are the root of all

    1. Yep, she keeps hopping around and advancing from one unconstitutional entity to another where there is no vote or oversight by the people.

  2. So is this in addition to her being in charge of the Department of Education for California or is she dropping that position?

  3. Just goes to show ya they can do more damage outside of the Administration than they can with their hands tied.
    . . .

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