Japan Dumps Radioactive Waste on the Rest of the World

The water leaking from the cracked pipe at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in Japan is radiated 7.5 million times the legal limit. The flow has now been stopped after 26 days of gushing into the Pacific Ocean.   And as if this wasn’t bad enough, 11,000 tons of radiated water from the plant has now been hauled out into the Pacific and dumped.  My God, what are they thinking?  I guess the Japanese do not want their radiated water on their own property.  Better they dole it out to the world.

The Japanese government has issued an apology for radiating the Pacific Ocean.  You know what, I don’t want their apologies.  This is like your neighbor changing the oil in their car and dumping the waste over your fence because they do not want it in their yard. 

Where is the UN on this one?  What am I saying?  Once again, human life must take a back seat to corporate profit.

Tell me this, what would happen to you if you changed the oil in your car, took the old oil out to a pier, and dumped it in the ocean with cameras rolling?  This is an outrage. 

Boise, Idaho and Richland, Washington are reporting trace amounts of radioactive particles in their drinking water, but as always we shouldn’t worry because radioactive particles are our friends.  My God we have some screwed up priorities. 

Obama can send warships to bomb a third world feces hole within 48 hours just by mumbling the words.  But the Japanese are free to dump their nuclear waste into the Pacific Ocean without consequence.  If nothing else where is Greenpeace on this one?  Forget the human lives; couldn’t this potentially kill a whale?

Here is a great idea.  I don’t think the Japanese should have to live with their own sewage.  Maybe as a part of one of these stimulus packages we could build an underwater pipeline across the Pacific and dump their feces on our Great Plains. 

I think the environmentalists had better stop hugging trees and redirect their attention westward.

I sincerely hope that at least one of these nuclear geniuses will come on this site and try to make good of the dumping of the radioactive water in the Pacific Ocean.  Come on you guys, some way, somehow, this has to be a good thing, right?

In considering all of the above what outrages can we expect in the future?  The Japanese government has to have nothing but contempt for the people of the rest of the world.

6 thoughts on “Japan Dumps Radioactive Waste on the Rest of the World

  1. Call me unreasonable but I have to question the validity of the press release from Tepco that the leak has actually been stopped. In view of their behavior with respect to transparency, moreover lack thereof, through the evolution of this crisis I don’t feel reassured by their assesment. There’s a question of credibility here. Frankly, I smell a cover up. Actually, I feel it’s just a continuation of the on going cover up that has been going on since the inception of the event. How do we really know with any degree of certainity that any information at this point being released is even remotely accurate or reliable? All I really know is that this is a deplorable situation to say the least, and the potential repercussions from this point into the future are immense for the worlds population, sea life, as well as flora and fauna alike. We are being told that the exposure we are encountering is minor and no more dangerous than a CAT scan. The thing is, your not typically recieving CAT scans on a daily basis. I’m no scientist but I can’t see this as being a good thing. It’s like trying to tell me that the economic recovery is well under way as I knock on doors asking someone if they need their lawn mowed for what used to amount to spare change. That spare change is now my only income. Sure, it’s getting better….and pigs fly, don’t they?

  2. One of my biggest concerns, and I’m not hearing anyone in the news talk about it, is how long before our food supply is contaminated? I mean how long before we just can’t risk eatting fish at all. When does this make its way to our grocery store shelves?

  3. “If nothing else where is Greenpeace on this one? ”

    Greenpeace is there, on the ground, measuring radiation outside of the exclusion zone.

    “I sincerely hope that at least one of these nuclear geniuses will come on this site and try to make good of the dumping of the radioactive water in the Pacific Ocean. Come on you guys, some way, somehow, this has to be a good thing, right?”

    Really? Sincerely? You wouldn’t just delete their comments if they disagreed with you?
    Or call them names?

    I’m not actually one of those nuclear geniuses, but it’s probably the lesser of two evils,
    spilling that contaminated water into the sea.

    The only way they could stop spilling contaminated water into the Pacific is by cessation
    of pumping it to cool the spent fuel and the drywells under the reactor pressure vessels.
    But if they stop cooling these hot things, the spent fuel rods will get hot enough to burn
    the Zircaloy cladding of the fuel, which will also disperse into the air the uranium oxide
    fuel and the fission products that have been formed by the operation of the reactor.

    Much more contamination will be released if the fuel rod cladding starts burning than
    if the seawater is circulated on the ruptured fuel rods. There is the very real question of
    whether or not there is a pile of corium under one of the reactor pressure vessels. Letting
    that heat up as hot as it wants to get will spread a lot more contamination than pumping
    water over it to keep it cool.

    1. Dan L., I don’t think you get it. They pumped 11,000 tons of radiated water out of the reactor and into a ship. They then took that ship way off shore and dumped its contents into the ocean. This not only shows a gross lack of consideration for the rest of the world, but is in fact a violation of international law.
      And if you are going to come on this site and try to convince people that TEPCO and the Japanese government are just misunderstood, your propaganda probably will end up in the trash can.

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