99ers HR 589 Supporters No More Lies

The neo-con sect of the one party system introduced their proposal for $6 trillion in spending cuts over the next ten years.  Many out there are going to applaud out of the ignorance they suffer from living their lives in the false reality created by the propaganda machine. 

This is the reality.  $26 trillion was stolen through the Ponzi schemes of the corporate elite and somebody had to cover it or the theft would have been too massive and absolute for the people to ignore.  So the elite had their employees in our government borrow the money in our grandchildren’s names and of course we had to start paying the interest immediately. 

So just like that, we found ourselves trillions of dollars in debt and the corporate elite were not even going to let us work our way out of it, as that would have required them to stop making profits for a little while. 

So what was their next move?  Well first they had to start making profit again, so they directed the Federal Reserve and their servants in our government to cash in the total assets of 15 million Americans; jobs, pensions, savings, and home equity, which they put back into the stock market.  Say hello to the 99ers.

So now the corporate elite are back to making record profits in the stock market and this new scheme can only be put in jeopardy through a collapse of their money machine which is our United States.  You see in order to rectify their mistakes and come out of it richer than ever they now need to get rid of that debt, before our country collapses. 

Bring in the neo-cons who will now take care of the debt by cashing in old age insurance (Social Security), Medicare, Medicaid, a portion of food stamps, public pensions, and the total assets of about 10 million more of the middle class.  Hello future 99ers.

The plan is actually brilliant if you think about it.  Not only does the corporate elite get their debt paid for and make record profits in the process, but when they are done they will have destroyed the labor unions, driven wages into the ground, and left about 30 million who used to be in the middle class fighting over minimum wage jobs like a pack of illegals fresh out of Mexico.

These unbelievable bastards even had the audacity to make further corporate tax cuts a part of their spending cuts.  I know it is an oxymoron but as we are dealing with oxys who think we are morons we should not be surprised. 

Anyone who falls for this sleight of hand deserves exactly what he or she gets.   Quite frankly I don’t believe people are falling for this crap in any way as the majority out here is laughing at the mainstream propaganda’s attempt to sell us beach front property in Kansas. 

Ron Paul, speaking on the Alex Jones show yesterday seemed open to the idea of a presidential run with Jesse Ventura as his running mate.  I believe in my heart that both of these men want to save our country and go down in history in the same light as our founding fathers did. 

As I said yesterday if they go for it I will back their play with my life.  It will be a hard fight and it really shouldn’t be.  The greatest obstacle will be in convincing the weak of mind among us that the mainstream propaganda machine and money it represents cannot dictate our individual actions when we are punching our ballot.

When they try to tell us that our dream cannot be realized we must tell them that their nightmare is just beginning.  Remember when you go to vote it is your individual choice and we the American people as individuals are going to take this country back.  Not just for our sakes but for that of our children and grandchildren. 

The monopoly money power structure is going down and the American people are going to be dancing in the streets as we watch the corporate elite deserting our country like rats on a sinking ship.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “99ers HR 589 Supporters No More Lies

  1. Henry,
    By any chance did you happen to see Jesse Ventura’s interview on “The View” this morning? (Loved your article yesterday and we’re on board 100%.) Everything he said this morning was spot on and we were truly beginning to see “hope.” Then (his very last statement) disturbed me. He said,”My wife and I are now living in Mexico and going to get dual Citizenship.” Oops! That worries me. They said that the’re having Ron Paul on the show soon. I didn’t catch the date, but I’m looking forward to hearing what he has to say. What are your thoughts on what Jesse said?

    1. Angel,
      I believe Jesse Ventura took up a residency in a desolate location in Mexico when he began his “Conspiracy Theory” series. Much easier for a Navy Seal to watch his back on a desolate property he controls. I will look into the dual citizenship thing but I would like to think it must have been a joke derived from irony. I guess he could be considered an American wetback. I’ll get back to you.

    1. That was suppose to be a reply to Henry.
      He did say he was deciding whether he wanted to “run” or go back to the Baja Desert. You should be able to see the clip on the show’s website.

      1. Correction: Just saw the clip. It’s Not the full interview. Unfortunately, you my have to sign in and endure the whole episode. 🙂


    1. Trump Fan,
      Great idea, let’s elect one of the corporate elite. They are sure to help the 99ers and they’ve shown how much they love our Constitution by joining with our representatives they have bought in order to shit on us.
      You are definitely not a 99er so why don’t you go to a site that suits you better.

  3. h enry i dont think 99ers have enough back bone to change anything. faxing calling not going to work. this gov doesnt care big corps are it.the only way us can compete is 7.00 an hour wages.

    1. Kevin NJ,
      What makes you think they are going to give us $7.00 per hour? There is legislation in many states doing away with minimum wage. I imagine the Chinese 40 cents an hour would probably be equivalent to 4 of our American fiats. And $4 per hour would be just about right for making a slave of anyone.
      I think most of the 99ers have plenty of backbone which will become evident once enough of us are organized. You can say what you want but there are a lot of us who are going to fight and we have highly intelligent people from literally every walk of life among our ranks. We might very well be a middle aged army but we definitely have the potential to be a very efficient army fighting for a cause we believe in, our lives.

      1. Absolutely, Henry!
        There are states that have not only proposed Bills to do away with the Fed. Minimum Wage (7.25) but do away with Child Labor Laws as well.

  4. No problem Henry. It’s a good interview. I believe he says he will decide in the next month or so if he is running.

  5. Hi, just feeling compelled to write again stating Jesse Ventura has been on tv, alot. Joy Behar, Piers Morgan, The View…and he has another new show airing, maybe on TruTv, where his series airs. Have always admired the man. Henry, was just reading up on things on the internet and found another site, maybe you know of, ‘Top Documentary Films’, and the site has 78 films on Conspiracy Theories. Flipping thru the list I came across a film, haven’t watched yet, about voting machine tampering and hacking. Since Bush beat Gore, I believe this a huge subject that we might want to at least think about. Sure worries me. Maybe we need our own hackers!!!

    1. Ready,
      We have just added “Votergate” to the Red Pill Documentaries page. Good suggestion.

    1. Don’t bother with the link I just posted, there was nothing additional in that interview. We already saw the whole thing.

  6. Ready, I too am concerned that the elections in this country are fixed. I will say that if Ron Paul does run for president, the mainstream media will have to give them air time and that is bound to wake up more of our fellow citizens, whether or not the voting machines allow us to elect him.

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