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    1. Agreed.
      However, how do we get past the Electorial College? Look at GW’s 2nd term. A Candidate can Win by a Majority of “The People’s” vote, yet still lose based on the Electorial College. How do “We The People” get past that? It’s written in the Constitution.

  1. Easy, you just prove that the illegally elected Indonesian has a bad DNA strand and needs to be re-tooled. Then let the natural order of things take over. From there, it’s all about treason, punishment and a little imagination.

      1. That’s what revolutions are for. If things don’t change, the GOP won’t be a factor any longer anyway. Whole new ballgame. I wouldn’t be surprised if states don’t split and form new regional nations anyway. Things are too fucked up, lets face it Angel, the pressure cooker only can hold so much pressure. People can only take so much of this BS. Time to clean house one way or another.

        There are big changes coming down the pike, these clowns can’t even decide on a goddam budget. How many lies can the clown from Kenya keep telling the American public anyway?

          1. Why do you think Ventura moved to Mexico? I can guarantee you it wasn’t because he likes tacos. Something is up and he is rearranging his life to position himself for the big Kahuna.

          2. He said it. This clip is not the full interview. I watched the show “live” this morning. I agree completely with Henry’s reasoning on the reason why. Wish y’all could see the whole interview. They cut him off and went to commercial break after he said it.

  2. I find it hard to believe that he is living in Mexico, because of what is to come here. Is there where you would choose, Mexico? Talk about corruption! You could pick any number of countries that have less corruption than Mexico. That is my opinion.

    1. Not only does he live in Baja, but according to his own words, he is applying for dual citizenship. Can you say, “I don’t like concentration camps”? Maybe he is afraid of one of these: Ever been fed crap for weeks at a time and been locked up like an animal? Not fun.. You won’t find camps in Mexico, like here in America.

    2. All I know is that my husband and I watched the interview this morning and his last statement was that he and his wife are now living in Mexico and applying for dual citizenship. To that, Elizabeth replied “Well, Good luck with that!” Then, they abruptly broke with a commercial break. As I said, I agree with Henry. Considering his views, book, and the international corperate mafia, it’s much safer for a Navy Seal to watch his back in such a local. Personally, I Love the guy. I’d like to see a Ventura/Paul ticket.

    3. Kat,
      I believe Ventura is down in Mexico because he wants seclusion from the madness. I know my bones hurt in the winter time so I guess if I was going to go south to escape the madness, Mexico is as good a place as any. I’ve been down there and an honest American can go down there and live a lot better on the money earned over a lifetime of working.
      Ventura is staunchly against the false left-right paradigm and preaches the virtues of the Constitution with sincerity. He is highly intelligent and has had high enough security clearances to know where the rot in our government lies.
      If nothing else, what is the option? Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Huckabee, Hillary Clinton, or maybe we could just vote Obama back in. These are your other choices and I will tell you what they all have in common. If the Queen of England threw a dinner party in Washington DC, you would find them all in attendance at $5000 a plate.
      At least Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura are speaking out to the truth of our problems.

        1. Mark, I don’t think they even bother filing tax returns any more. It is beneath them.

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