5 thoughts on “Jesuit in the House of Represenatives

  1. So what we have here is a Catholic priest who taught high school, likes playing softball with kids at his age, and is now the congressional chaplain.

    And according to him, was part of a group (Jesuits) chosen by the baby killing pope to be on the “frontier of their religion”.

    My guess is that it’s only a matter of time before one of his young boyfriends goes on record as being sodomized by this freak, and then a hundred others will come forward with similar accusations.

    1. And as a reality reminder, I leave you with this undeniable fact:

      Most adults want nothing to do with any children that aren’t their own, so it’s always wise to be suspicious of any adult who seeks the company of juveniles, and this priest seems to have been doing exactly that for most of his adult life.

  2. “It was only a “handful” of pedophile priests that caused the uproar” a Catholic friend of mine told me. Brainwashed for life he is and there is nothing you could say that would make him think any different.

    1. America is being Catholicized/Judaized. The Reformation was officially overturned in the 1960s with Vatican II and has been steadily and quickly transformed ever since.
      The US Supreme Court now sits 3 Jews and 6 Catholics.

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