JFK’s Space Odyssey

Published on May 12, 2013 by kylhunt

“One of these days, Alice… bam, zoom, straight to the moon.”
Take a trip through time and space so as to grasp some of the underlying connections of our artificially intelligent reality. See what people have been “chimping out” about.

4 thoughts on “JFK’s Space Odyssey

  1. The numerology and coincidences between the “Honest Abe and JFK assassinations I was unaware of until I saw this video. Yeah digger, our enemy likes to play with numbers. Oh, by the way, check out how many minutes and seconds the video lasts.

  2. Kubrick was a genius and yes he did produce the moon expedition his wife attested to this and the story is worth seeing along with the breakdown of the movie the Shining on You Tube. Movies tell it all pay attention. Hint: Three Days of the Condor for one.

    1. I have Kubrick’s Odyssey Part 2 by Jay Weidner. I used to have part one also, but I loaned it to someone (can’t even remember who now) and never got it back. I never liked the Shining, because it was one of the few movies I’ve seen that I had read the book first., and the book was outstanding. But after seeing the first video, (which was more than enough to convince most skeptics, and I have a highly suspicious nature already) I finally understood why Kubrick made such bizarre (unexplainable?) additions to the movie.

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