5 thoughts on “Joe Bethancourt – We Did It To Ourselves

  1. “Another 2nd Amendment song from Joe Bethancourt. This one will be featured in Leslie Fish’s new CD “Lock And Load”
    Found on youtube under video.

    “They gave us our security held in an iron glove”

    “When was the last election, I cannot tell you son, ask the one’s that let it happen when they took away the guns.”

    Should of left the election question out, imo., other wise good song and a wake up call song.

  2. This guy sucks.
    Here is the last song I was working on when I put down my instruments and went to work in the Trenches:

    USA Inc.

    Verse: I used to work to live, in the land of the free.
    Now I live to work for the company.
    No, no, no you say this cannot be.
    God damn you all, this is the USA.

    Verse: Granddaddy fought in a union war.
    Now all is lost, that he suffered for.
    No, no, no you’re just a little poor,
    Waitin’ in line at the company store.

    Break: Hey Jode, I now understand, what it takes to drive a man.
    Ya Jode, into a murderess rage,
    I know they would have put you in thier company cage.

    Verse: You try to speak and they slap you down.
    See, might is right in a company town.
    No, no, no they’re just keeping us safe.
    Don’t you know this is a dangerous place.

    Verse: I used to sweat in peace, for my piece of the pie.
    Now I’m just a toilin’, awaitin’ to die.
    No, no, no they’re not using no whip.
    You choose to slave for their company script.

    Break: Hey Jode, just a quiet man, standing there bat in hand.
    Ya Jode, you could not be a slave.
    Now I’m livin’ your plight in every way.

    Verse: You can’t expect help from any government.
    They take a dollar, they give you a cent.
    No, no, no you don’t a’understand,
    That politician, he’s a company man.

    Verse: Sometimes when I’m all alone,
    I think, how did we let it just slip away.
    Yes, yes, yes we’re all to blame.
    We offered no resistance as they clapped on the chains.

    Break: Hey Jode, I’ve become like you, I know what we’d better do
    Ya Jode, there’ll be a story to tell,
    When we send the evil company straight to hell.

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