Why is everyone ignoring the elephant in the room with this asshat?

At the 2:40 mark, HE CAN’T REMEMBER WHERE IS DAUGHTER IS BURIED?!?!?!  He just made the arrangements and attended the alleged funeral in the last few days but he can’t remember it?  He doesn’t even get the name close to correct.

It’s Star of David Memorial Gardens for Christ’s sake.  Continue reading “Parkland Dad vents in WH listening session”

US Army 4 Life

Legislators are trying to make the already draconian New York SAFE Act even more absurd.

According to this story from thetruthaboutguns.com, lawmakers from Brooklyn announced two proposed amendments to the package of firearms laws would limit how much ammunition New York residents could buy at a time.   Continue reading “NY Lawmakers: Limit Ammo Purchases To 20 Rounds Every 90 Days”

Esquire – by Christine Flammia

There’s a lot to thank the bros for in terms of modern menswear. They’ve brought us boat shoes and fleece vests. They’ve embraced body confidence in 5.25-inseam shorts. They’ve even made us rethink what it means to wear a classic gingham shirt. But today, in what might possibly be the bro-iest style move in all of bro style, a new brand launched on Kickstarter that might change the face of menswear: the RompHim.

No, it’s not a romper. It’s a romphim. Well, actually, it is a romper but it’s made for dudes. Let’s be clear here: We happily invite all people to wear whatever it is that makes them feel like themselves, gender labels be damned. But as a woman who is decidedly anti-romper of any sort, I’m not sure this is a train I’d recommend anybody hopping aboard. Do you have any idea how hard it is to pee in those things? (OK, fine. This one has a zipper fly. But this is still very dangerous territory.)   Continue reading “The Bro Romper Exists and I Don’t Want to Live on This Planet Anymore”

Dallas Morning News

Immigrants represent a steadily growing share of the American workforce, a trend that could be interrupted by U.S. efforts to overhaul immigration policy.

The number of foreign-born workers in the U.S. rose to nearly 27 million in 2016, up about 700,000 from the previous year and representing 16.9 percent of the nation’s labor force, according to an annual report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics released Thursday. That’s the highest proportion in records going back to 1996, when immigrants accounted for just 10.8 percent of the workforce.
Continue reading “Foreign-born workers now account for 17 percent of U.S. labor force”

Gizmodo – by Bryan Menegus

Last week, a North Carolina barbecue joint found itself in the crosshairs of a Raleigh police union and, by extension, police supporters as a whole after employees supposedly disrespected officers dining. Guess what? The union pretty much made up the whole thing.
Continue reading “Restaurant Targeted by Racist Harassment After Police Union Spreads Hoax Online”

Minutemen Militia – by Michael Andrew

On this day, April 27th, in 1773, the British Parliament passes the Tea Act, a bill designed to save the faltering East India Company from bankruptcy by greatly lowering the tea tax it paid to the British government and, thus, granting it a de facto monopoly on the American tea trade. Because all legal tea entered the colonies through England, allowing the East India Company to pay lower taxes in Britain also allowed it to sell tea more cheaply in the colonies. Even untaxed Dutch tea, which entered the colonies illegally through smuggling, was more expensive the East India tea, after the act took effect.   Continue reading “On this day in 1773 Parliament passes the Tea Act”