Jon Stewart Skewers Dianne Feinstein

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(Talking Points Memo) — Jon Stewart thinks it’s rich that Sen. Dianne “So The NSA Is Looking At Your Data” Feinstein is accusing the CIA of sneaking onto Senate staff computers and “assassinating” their data.

The comedian roasted the California Democrat on Wednesday’s “The Daily Show” for defending the National Security Agency’s mass surveillance programs while railing against the CIA’s alleged monitoring of Senate Intelligence Committee staffers. The agency probably just “reset her home page to MSN” or something, he joked.  

“See she doesn’t mind that if our security apparatus might be looking at your stuff, cause your stuff is sh*t,” Stewart said, throwing a dollar in a George Carlin tip jar. “But her sh*t, is stuff.”

He threw some barbs at CIA Director John Brennan, who denied Feinstein’s allegations, and his “choir boys” at the agency too.

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